The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library

Getting ready!!!

litle e
What begins with E?

    Ear, egg, elephant.

and Ewelina, of course 😉

    03/05/10 -growing library

7 responses to “The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library”

  1. Nice arrangement of the books for the photo. Came across your blog via the photography tag.


    1. They’ve been laying on the shelf like that all the time. Today the light coming through the window was just perfect for this shot 🙂 Lucky me I came in to the room in the right time 🙂
      thank you for stoping by


  2. Hello, found your blog by accident, but just wanna say I love this photo, and all your photography is great!


    1. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. And thank u for stoping by 🙂


  3. Dr. Seuss is how I learned to read. Wonderful picture.


    1. I’d never heard about Dr. Seuss untill I came to USA, and started to work with kids. I do not recall any of this kind of books from Poland, so silly, and funny, and in some way clever 🙂


  4. Love it:) Soon you will know one fish two fish by heart 🙂 I do!!! Great shot!!


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