Grow your own…

… and totally organic !!!

    I felt in love in the new way of starting the seeds. All kinds of seeds. Greens that you see on today’s pic is parsley. I’m hoping for more sometime around the end of the next week πŸ™‚
03/04/10 -organic starting pot

5 responses to “Grow your own…”

  1. This is a great capture, Ewa. New life in an egg!


  2. This. Is. Brilliant.


  3. Thank you, girls!!!
    Such a little thing, and so much self-satisfaction it gives me. Incredible πŸ™‚


  4. That is great:) I have seen this done on one of Maggie’s children shows, they painted a clown face on the egg and planted sprouts, when the sprouts grew it looked like clown hair:) Love it Ewa… you keep giving me ideas of projects to do with Maggie:)


    1. Mary I was thinking about you when I posted this pic.
      I thought it would be a great idea for you to do with you daughter πŸ™‚


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