Dill Pickles, egg, cream cheese, KETCHUP on top

Talking about ketchup, and how much I love it… Hm…

    Today’s breakfast was just an essence of my taste.
03/02/10 -sandwich for breakfast

4 responses to “Dill Pickles, egg, cream cheese, KETCHUP on top”

  1. How many times must I tell you that you could make a living shooting photos for food magazines? No matter what you make (and by the way anything you make looks delicious) I am hungry just looking at your photos.


  2. Are those pickles in your ketchup breakfast?


  3. Thanks Arline. Actually some of my food look better than it taste. lol
    And this was my breakfast. Pickles were those little greeen things peeking under the egg 😉


  4. […] Before I knew it…I was done eating my salad.  My beautiful salad that was going to be in honor of Ewa, who takes such beautiful photos of her food.  http://eveqc.wordpress.com/2010/03/02/breakfast-at-my-kitchen/ […]


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