Hand built pots

Yey!!! More pots at home!!!!!! 🙂

Yesterday was our last pottery class 😦 Too bad. I really liked it.

    These pots are only few of what I’ve made during the course
  • My first COIL POT
    • 02/24/10 -my first coil pot
  • My first PINCH POT
    • Pinch pot

    Jay’s made his own pinch and coil pots. We both were focused on making our own flowerpots. Some of them will be used as a herbs pots.

    My pots
      And this is how they looked while glazing

    The photos below were taken by Joanna Meleiro

    Photo by Joanna Meleiro

      Photo by Joanna Meleiro

    3 responses to “Hand built pots”

    1. Holy smokes, those colors really came out wild! So pale and light a week ago and now look at it! Nice!


    2. I love the pots and the photos of them. What fun you took a class together. I wish there were a place to take a class like that around here. love the colors. Can’t wait to see plants growing in them on the windowsill.


      1. We had been talking about the pottery class for very long, and finally I’d found one at the Fresno Adult School. You should look for classes in your local Adult School. They have it cheap and some classes are really interesting.


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