Today I went green

Broccoli, apple, and some wild vegetable of which I can’t find the name…

    01/11/10 -dinner of mine

It doesn’t look like I ate a lot, but I did it in purpose, to save some space in my belly for the desert šŸ™‚
Toffu cake with strawberries, and cranberry-kumquat sauce…
OMG… So good!!!

4 responses to “Today I went green”

  1. the desert sounds yummy ,lol


  2. this was my dessert from couple days ago.

    Today I ate it with some changes. lol


  3. You could make a living photographing nothing but food, Ewa. I’m always hungry after seeing your posts. šŸ™‚


    1. Arline it looks like I do eat all the time, and do nothing else.
      It’s really funny because sometimes Jay needs to force me to eat… It is that because after I spend 30 minutes of taking photos of my food I’m not hungry


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