PROJECT 365/ tips

11 Tips to Succeed with a Photo365 Project.

    Even if I failed, I’d like to share this info with some of my friends. They bravely, and stubbornly have been keepig up with this challenge. And I support them

3 responses to “PROJECT 365/ tips”

  1. Ewa, you have not failed. You had a few days with no photos, so what? You can pick up whenever you feel inspired. Good luck and keep up the good work! Speaking of ‘inspired’, I would like to start my own 365 project, thanks to you! Hugs and happy shooting,


  2. thanks for sharing the tips article:) it def. has given me some ideas to keep going, i especially liked the theme a week idea. Ewa, you have not failed…forgive yourself the few days without a photo and carry on. I love your photos, you have a unique point of view and it’s wonderful to see and learn from. Don’t be hard on yourself, in a few months you will have a little miracle that you will be taking thousands of pictures of:)


  3. Oh… Thank you so much to both of you!
    What you’ve said made my day, and as you see…
    … I’ve decided to carry on – thanks to you!!!


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