Reflections through my lenses

Reflection, Mirror Image, Photography Echo whatever you name it for me it’s a magic word.
It’s a little hocus pocus to my brain.
It’s a Open Sesame to my camera.

My favourite reflection

    Mirror, polished, metal and glass surfaces… Everything what’s able to reflect – a magic subject to photograph. Good reflection shot just makes my day ๐Ÿ™‚


6 thoughts on “Reflections through my lenses

Add yours

  1. Some of my very favorites are your relection photos. They are works of art. From you I have learned to look around me…to see more than I have ever seen….THANK YOU!


  2. Hi, have been checking out your photo’s on ephotozine and i am very impressed. You have an eye for something different which I like and also a great talent….your images are clear and modern.

    Take care
    James (ephotozine guy)


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