Liquid photography

My hand and floating body lotion

With my two lenses: Nikor DX: 18-55mm with wide angle x0.45 I thought it would be easy to take a decent “close-up” pictures.
LOL. It was, NOT.
I hadn’t been using a tripod, because the one I’ve got is a piece of junk. It comes apart very easily.
This session was very useful to me. I’d tried to work with my SLAVE FLASH and with an additional artificial light. I ended up shooting with only natural rays.

I’ve learned how lucky you could be with the BEST shoot, and how patient you should be if you want to improve the skills and knowledge about photography.

4 responses to “Liquid photography”

  1. I like this whole series. It makes me feel normal… like I’m not the only one who finds themselves experimenting like this. Me and my little girl had a ball setting up for the water drops.


    1. The whole series made me feel tired. lol.
      I’ve been peeking at your daughter photo blog, and I have to say: She is amazing, and very talented. Keep motivate her 🙂
      I’m experimenting a lot with my camera, and different subjects, and angles… it’s fun, but frustrating too.
      Every time I wish I had better lens, better flash, better home made studio… etc.
      You know what I mean.

      But after all, I still love my old camera, my old lenses, and I’m happy to be able to play with what I’ve got 🙂


  2. Beautiful, Ewa. You inspire me. I cannot say that enough. You are so creative. Glad I stopped by to take a peek and see what’s new. All your liquid photos are really awesome. Keep up the great work. …and as I’ve been told many times…it’s not the camera it’s the person using it. A person with a 15 megapixel camera they spent a fortune on can take horrible pictures, while someone with a seventy dollar point and shoot and see true beauty through it.

    Keep it up!!!


    1. Thank you, Arline!!!
      … and you know what… whoever told you that not the camera but the photographer… hm… he/SHE was a very wise person 😉


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