I am Love

This meditation has been one of the most challenging ones I’ve ever came across. When you feel completely defeated. Tired. Betrayed. Hurt. Lonely. Sad. When the only thoughts in your head are the ones telling you people suck, you suck, and the whole Universe completely abandoned You... This meditation 🧘‍♀️is where you should seek for... Continue Reading →


1 meditation a day keeps the doctor away

Before I became a business owner I didn't have any interest in business or self-help books. Non. In my first year of running a photography business I realize that taking pictures (and skillfully editing them) is about 30% (if not less) of the whole thing. If I didn't want to close the doors within the... Continue Reading →

Self-Portrait of the Photographer {Portrait Photography, San Jose, CA}

Who’s up to a challenge? 🙂

Ewa Samples Photography

Taking pictures is my passion. It is a passion of every photographer out there, at least this is what I believe in.

We spent hours on end shooting, editing, thinking about locations or location hunting, visualizing sessions with clients, browsing the Internet and organizing our Pinterst boards. Everything for one purpose – to become a better photographer and to serve our clients better. Many of us have mastered and memorized all the techniques of encouraging our models to feel comfortable in front of the camera. We know a lot about posing, how to make people look good, how to use the light and how to use every bit of space as a good spot for a photograph.

We take tremendous amounts of pictures weekly… Don’t we.

But how many pictures of ourselves, with kids, with spouses or without them, do we have?
How many times when somebody said, “hey you’ve…

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Coconut flour Coffee Cake aka I can’t believe I made gluten free cheesecake and I loved it!

So, my last adventure with coconut flour was a disaster.  I made pancakes and they were actually awful. So the rest of the flour there was left had been sitting in my kitchen for months now, until last week my husband went to the store and bought 3 dozen eggs. Yes, this is what happens... Continue Reading →

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