Are you germs friendly family?

We do not live dirty, nor do my kids walk dirty all day long. Our house is relatively clean. Still, I do like to expose my kids to some friendly filth and I let them eat from the floor. To the day I got to United States I had never heard about 5 seconds rule. Neither... Continue Reading →


Dance and Play like nothing else matters

So far, I am very lucky when it comes to taking pictures of my kids. Sometimes No.1 gets tired of it but for the most of the time she is VERY cooperative. I just need to say: "smile!" and if there is music playing, well... then I have the perfect situation:   I tried to make... Continue Reading →

Tutorial: “How to take self-portraits”, Part I – Basic Tips

When I was brain storming about from where I should start this tutorial, the topic of FOCUS came as the most important. It wouldn't be as important if I had a remote, but this is the point here: I want to show you that not having a remote or tripod should not stand on your... Continue Reading →

Photo Art Friday, Minimalism NOT and stuff

This is my attempt to this weeks theme for Photo Art Friday: "Minimalist"  yes, it is a Facebook comment. One of many of the same or bigger length (longer length, should I say...hmm?).  It is not from my wall, it's a shot of my husband's computer screen. The discussions he gets into turn into an... Continue Reading →

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