Photo Art Friday on Thursday, and ALL my kids (minus No.4 – the husband)

I'll try to make this post very short today. Simply because No.1 just went down for her nap and I am able to become a couch potato for an hour or two. Starting with my submission for Photo Art Friday: Following with some shots or my darlings who drive me crazy lately. Finishing with No.3... Continue Reading →


365 Self-Portrait Project (week 30th)

Short intro to this post: Our No.1 is in the "terrible two" stage and she looks just like that: ALL THE TIME. Day and Night. No. 2, even though she looks very happy and content here: isn't any better, actually. Mornings are the best for us.  She is mostly happy but when we get to... Continue Reading →

Wordish Tuesday :O Wednesday

This post has changes since it was published for the first time. The first title was Wordless Wednesday even though it was still Tuesday. Than I saw that it's actually not so Wordless but not much Wordish either. Just confused these days more that usuall :-/ ================================================================================= Our daughter eats more and more "normal" food... Continue Reading →

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