365 Self-Portrait Project (week 39th)

What a normal week we've had. One day at a time; that's how I live these days. It works. 365/267 For sometime now I've been thinking about putting up a post or a series of posts about self-portraits. I've received many emails as well as many comments asking questions about this project, about lenses I... Continue Reading →


Mystery Spot

Yesterday we took advantage of that gorgeous Summer weather and we went to Santa Cruz. We had planned trip to San Francisco but we changed it. We wanted to do something fun for my b-day... ...and we did. ... and it was fun. but not so much for me as for those who was watching... Continue Reading →

Inner beauty of mine and a lot of patience!

Yeay!!! for eating time!!! Yeay for stirring and mixing and throwing and smashing and mashing, and YEAY for getting messy!!! On that picture above you can see my daughter reaching with her spoon towards me... Yes! While I was busy taking those pictures she slapped me in the face with a spoon full of food.... Continue Reading →

Somebody has to eat it! Right?! (wordish wednesday)

There is a "thing" going on in our house. Some kind of rule. The rule sounds something like: "If you don't eat it, dog will". First I was just feeding and fixing some cake. Our daughter has never done that before. She brought to me half empty bottle, handled it to me with that "mom,... Continue Reading →

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