Polish flat bread with onion, corn, flax-seed meal and fresh herbs / tzw Cebularz Lubelski

While this dish is very popular in Poland and you can find it in almost every single bakery I had no idea that it comes from Jewish culture and it is actually called "Cebularz Lubelski" after one part of Poland where it suppose to originated from. "Cebularz" means something with onion... and in this case... Continue Reading →


Motherhood and culture

For several months now I am a member of World Moms Blog. This month Jennifer's idea of connecting mothers from around the World has it's 1st Anniversary. To celebrate it her website is hosting link-up for posts about motherhood and culture. If you have an interesting story from your own life, feel free to join.... Continue Reading →

Polish girls have the most vitamin

There is one Polish cabaret song from late '70. I know my parents used to love to watch it, and at some point this was very famous as well as funny song about how Polish girls have the most vitamin compare to women from around the world. http://youtu.be/DcC1kSE46P8 I thought about that song after I'd... Continue Reading →

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