Introduction to a new series: “How to take self-portraits”

I have finally decided to start a series of posts about how to take self-portraits. btw, this post is long, so please grab a coffee/tea and enjoy! I was writing it for almost 3 days!!!  I am not a pro. I do not claim I am one. I am still learning and I hope to... Continue Reading →


Simply me!

Last Saturday I'd decided to pass on Elena's Seflie Saturday. Her topic is "Backyard" and I do not have one. Anyway sometime between Saturday and Sunday I had changed my mind. 🙂 Non of them are backyard photos. They were taken in my kitchen and in a bathroom. Some of them are headless. Of course!... Continue Reading →

Don’t talk to me until my second cup…

... of coffee!!! Finlay I got a coffee maker with all bunch of extra stuff. Happy Happy Happy mamma! I'm not afraid of very early mornings and sleepless nights, anymore! No, No, No! I'm ready and prepared! My Lovely Husband despite of the argument that he had with Gevalia's employee on the phone decided to... Continue Reading →

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