365 Self-portrait Project (week 17)

This week was very... hm...  I would say "transitional". I'm getting to a point where I can fall asleep in almost any position and at any time. In addition, our losing weight and sleeping all the time Little One transitioned into a very hungry baby who doesn't want to sleep if we do not hold... Continue Reading →


The stork does bring babies

The title to this post comes from a friend of mine who saw one of those pictures on my fb page. It actually is a perfect title for this series of photos. I am not going to write a lot today as our Sleeping Beauty has decided to sleep only when in my arms so... Continue Reading →

The Sisters

So far, our one-person-bigger-family is getting along pretty well. Everybody is happy and content. I think, those not fully slept through nights haven't hit my body system, yet. They need to build up for a longer period then I'll be speaking different language 😉 Now I'm simply enjoying my two precious daughters without thinking about... Continue Reading →

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