Shoot and Edit

Linking up with Ashley for Shot end Edit - Flowers I thought I won't be able to do that this week, but oh well. In last moment I changed my mind! This is what I came up with. btw, I think that the first and the second edit is overdone. what do you think!? For... Continue Reading →


Fix-It Friday

So, I was about to go and make myself some lunch but I saw this challenge @ I Heart Faces. They posted a picture of that little beautiful girl (I bet she would have killed me if she knew I called her "little"). Anyway they posted this picture: and readers have to edit it. So... Continue Reading →

Broken me and california giant strawberries

So, I'll start with the broken reflected self-portrait. And that's exacty how I feel for the last few days. My head is killing me. I feel like I'm made from glass, broken and there is only a cardboard on the back of it keeping it all stick together. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting paralyzed... Continue Reading →

A few of my favourite things to photograph

it feels like it's been ages since I took a diagonal picture - my favourite perspective, and of my favourite thing - reflection. So there they are: I've been kind of distracted by all those photo challenges I've discovered lately... and trying to keep up with some of them I kind of stepped away from... Continue Reading →

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