I am Love

This meditation has been one of the most challenging ones I’ve ever came across. When you feel completely defeated. Tired. Betrayed. Hurt. Lonely. Sad. When the only thoughts in your head are the ones telling you people suck, you suck, and the whole Universe completely abandoned You... This meditation 🧘‍♀️is where you should seek for... Continue Reading →


Photo Art Friday – Portrait

Good Morning from my dark (in light, not mood - thanks god) and quiet corner,  This week's theme for PAF is "portrait". Well, I've got many of those! 😉 Every single day there is a new portrait.  Every single trip to a park - new portrait(s).  So I had a lot to choose from.  No.2 is... Continue Reading →

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 44th)

I don't know how to describe this week. While it was VERY normal with the kids, it was, more than usual, creative with self-portraits. I even had the time to sneak one post in between Fridays. 365/302 To make our No.2 stop crying while I'm doing my chores around the house, I must get creative.... Continue Reading →

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 38th)

Since I started this project I normally try to post one or two not self-portrait related posts in between each Friday. This week I haven't done that.  The husband was gone for 3 days so I was extra busy with the kids and the puppy, and with enjoying our time together. The weather has been... Continue Reading →

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 35th)

First of all, I want to invite all of you to read my post at World Moms Blog about my Self-Portrait Project. It is called "(Self)Portrait of mother(hood)" and I talk in it about... hm... this project in general, and why I encourage mothers to be more brave when it comes to have their pictures... Continue Reading →

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