Baked potato-kale soup with sweet cornbread

Our very needy no 2 has reached a point where she doesn't want to fall asleep or relax without somebody holding her all day long. It got to a point when my back said NO MORE! PLEASE!!! A few days ago our no 2 was screaming her lungs out while I was trying to ignore... Continue Reading →


Homemade granola bars

My husband loves to snack on granola bars. He likes to snack in general. Watching movie - snacking. Bored - snacking. Working in front of the computer - snacking. So he always likes to have things to snack on. Chips, granola bars, pop-tarts, chocolate chips cookies, trail-mix. If for some reason we do not have... Continue Reading →

Homemade french bread with creamy spinach soup

Yesterday I woke up with a dilemma. I wanted to bake something but I wasn't sure if I prefer sweet over savory. I got a new recipe for oatmeal cookies but... I kinda crave good fresh bread (all the time). Then I remembered that my oven is terribly dirty from the day before. My potatoes... Continue Reading →

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