Crochet basket

Every time I come across something what seems to be easy for me to make I do not think what kind of yarn I have to use in order to get the exact final effect as on the picture in front of me. Sometimes it doesn't matter. Sometimes it does! It did matter this time.... Continue Reading →


Crochet camera strap cover

I know, I repeat myself over and over, but... I made this cover with no pattern. I would like to be more patient with writing it down as I go but I am not... . Just for those who might be interested in making it I'm going to try to explain how I made it.... Continue Reading →

My new passion is being born – Crochet Necklace

My new passion is being born and you're witnessing it. As you probably noticed by now the last week or so I've been busy... crocheting. :)Years ago my mom and my sister together showed me how to make a single, double and half double stitch... . Since then, from what I remember I've made (from... Continue Reading →

Crochet bracelet – discovering my hidden talents ;)

My next project from the series: in front of the tv watching "Prison Break". 5 last episodes. Good! A few days ago I made a scarf, and yesterday I finished a matching bracelet. I already am in love it that piece 🙂 It's really cute. I used "beer bracelet" pattern. I didn't have any spare buttons... Continue Reading →

Back to crocheting: Very Easy Scarf

So, after having an art show with somebody who crochets and knits like crazy I got inspired 🙂 (THANKS BASIA!!!!!!) I am not a knitter 😉 nor a crocheter 😉 I would say... I know the basics. In addition I like doing something else while watching tv. Lately we've been watching "Prison Break" on Netflix... Continue Reading →

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