Options for Amanda’s Camera

CAMERA: those 3 links have the same type of camera they just come with different additions 

Here is refurbished camera with some stuff you’d definitely want to have – like the case and memory card.

This is also a good package, especially since it has a battery and a battery charger AND the memory card and the case.


This one is the cheapest I found and the one that will work with the Nikon D3400 – this is 50 mm lens

This one is a 35 mm lens.

Please watch this video and this video to learn what is the difference between 35 mm lens and 50 mm lens.

Keep it in mind that as you probably LOVE the 85mm blurred background, this lens is not for products. To get that effect you will have to stand FAR AWAY from the things you’re photographing and a good 85 mm costs $1000 and up.

Memory CARD READER (to transfer the images from the card to your computer)

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