I read

The Amazing, Attempting Zero Waste Lifestyle in a Military Household, Jennifer: 

Deep and Beautiful Soul who restores her faith in nature and “explores the roots of sustainable living in the daily gesture”, Nadine:

Polish Soul Polish Mama on the Prairie



Jutta and her very Creative Chaos





101 Cookbooks – A recipe journal

Kawestia smaku. The most beautifully presented, Polish food:

Recycled Crafts and more:

How to save with cupons


If you love savings like I do  – The Intentional Momma

Crafst – LOVE IT


In case if someday I learned to sew See Kate Sew

Simply Home Made 

BWS tips button

Sewing, knitting, crochet, cooking, painting, home decorating:

Crochet patterns:

Not your average mommy 🙂Erin

My Beautiful Disaster


Kim KlassenThe inspiration Studio


Caroline – Just shoot me

beautiful photosLife with Kaishon

a little bit of this a little bit of that – …on the brink of something beautiful

ACoLabArtist’s Collaborative Laboratory

Ashley SiskRamblings and photos

TO THE FELLOWS PHOTOGRAPHERS: This blog is awesome!!! The Coffee Shop Blog


Courtney NoffsingerPerfect Imperfection

Mary AnnA Picture a Day

Joanna Sunflowersister Photography

Arline BarnCat Theodore of Hampstead


LyanaLyana Votey Photography

StudioM1 Kids Photography


Free antique images The Vintage Moth

Jennifer – Iffles

Lines and Colorsdrawing, sketching, painting, comics, cartoons, webcomics, illustration, digital art, etc

Smitten Kitchen Cooking, baking

Kitchen Unplugged good food

Love, Love, Love ItShabby

Charlie at Attempting Aloha

Green Upgrader – green ideas from all over the web

3 responses to “I read”

  1. Love your list! Will have to do some blog hopping tomorrow… Thanks for putting me as “Polish Soul”, love it! HUGS!


    1. thank you! I want to make every link with a picture but I don’t have much time today to play with it…
      and … of course you’re Polish Soul in here… 🙂 the one who has a kid(s), who likes Polish food, and wants to share it with others, the one that like Poland and misses it…. and much more 🙂
      thank you for being here!


      1. Big hugs! So glad we found each other!


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