On being vulnerable

Courage is borne out of vulnerability, not strength. 

Brené Brown

How about doing one vulnerable thing a week.

Letter of forgiveness to myself:

One fear contains them all. One fear has many names and many faces. But today I’m willing to see things differently. Today I’m willing to see love instead. Today, I’m willing to forgive myself for all the years I’ve projected self-hate and self-disrespect on myself. My fears were there to guide me through my life. They were there to show me the way when I was lost and confused. My fears led me out of trouble many times. But more often they lead me into them. It’s time to end this cycle. It’s time to be grateful (remember: “gratitude is my attitude”?), for what I’ve learned and for my life’s experience thanks to my fears. It’s time to say “thank you” and “now you can leave”. Yes! You can go! I set you free. All of you! Thank you. I love you. I forgive you. I invite love instead.

F**k, every time I read it, I can believe I wrote this. Fears have been all around me. My entire life. The fears I’m having these days are so strong it takes my breath away when it hits me. It’s like my heart is squeezed by a giant hand. My stomach tightens. Now imagine: I’m deciding to let go of it. And it’s pretty fucking hard! But I’m doing it.

There’s even a shirt for that.

I choose love tshirt mom photographer designs on being vulnerable

Now your turn. Give your fears the permission to leave and invite love instead. What would you let go off?

Sharing this is my act of vulnerability, this week. And now I go face the world I don’t want to face.


Don’t be shy and let me know what’s hiding in your head!

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