I am Love

This meditation has been one of the most challenging ones I’ve ever came across.

When you feel completely defeated. Tired. Betrayed. Hurt. Lonely. Sad.

When the only thoughts in your head are the ones telling you people suck, you suck, and the whole Universe completely abandoned You…

This meditation 🧘‍♀️is where you should seek for the relief.

You are Love❣️

Close your eyes. Breath in. Breath out and repeat after me: “I am love”.

Practice as often as you can during the day.

What is your favorite affirmation?

If you have Instagram share your affirmations using the #1meditationadaykeepsdoctoraway hashtag – I’d love to read them! Or leave me a comment here!

To read more about my #1meditationadaykeepsdoctoraway movement of mine head over here 👈 – it’s all explained there!

And remember:

Don't be shy and let me know what's hiding in your head!

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