1 meditation a day keeps the doctor away

Before I became a business owner I didn’t have any interest in business or self-help books. Non.

In my first year of running a photography business I realize that taking pictures (and skillfully editing them) is about 30% (if not less) of the whole thing. If I didn’t want to close the doors within the first 2 years of running it (like it happens to 80% of new small businesses) I had to learn the “how to become an entrepreneur”. But learning all about that didn’t guarantee I’ll succeed.

My very first business book was Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill.

The snow ball effect stared from that book. From learning about how to improve my business I became interested in learning about how to improve myself. Because there’s always a lot to improve. Especially in an age of depression overtaking the world. In times when comparison is served with breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is only Us who can make the decision to change it. However this process is hard. It requires a lot of commitment and sacrifice. It requires a change within Us, not within the outside.

I learned that just learning and not practicing won’t take my anywhere. I can have a huge library of facts and tricks packed up my sleeve. So? If I don’t practice any of that, nothing is going to change.

In the last years, I came to understanding that my life, especially to what’s currently happening is my doing and my silent agreement for it to continue for so many years.

As any recovering addict or a grieving person goes through several stages before they find peace, I went through it as well. Terrible depression, that still lingers. Feeling defeated. Then absolutely angry! Angry as I haven’t been in my entire life. I woke up angry. I went to bed angry. My respond to my kids was anger. Just unbearable anger. Even I was getting tired of it.

I realized I need to find peace with myself first. After that I will have strength to deal with whatever is ahead.

For a few months now, I’ve done meditation exercises based on what I’ve learned from several different books. I call them meditations but many will probably feel like “affirmations” is more appropriate word for that.

I set my phone alarm to go off several times a day with those meditations. When they go off, I read them. Sometimes in my head. Sometimes out loud. Often, I journal at the end of the day about how this meditation made my feel or how it helped me to get through something challenging during the day.


Recently I decided to launch (mostly) a t-shirt shop with some of those meditations on them.

Those short messages helped me to feel empowered. My anger level is manageable and even in bad days it still isn’t what it used to be. There’s more peace in me.

So, grab a tee shirt and join the movement of #1meditationaday (keeps the doctor away)

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