People online…

I asked myself that recently. And why do I seek validation from them? It blows my mind how that works. Instagram is like my journal to me. Anyway, it becomes a source of validation at some point. And why? For what reasons?

The same is with FB. Constant validation. Constant updating. The blogging world is no better. With all the pretty pictures. And here I am. Haha. Writing, posting. BLogging. And thinking about who’s going to comment on it. Who’s going to like it. How many visitors this post is going to get? How much traffic?

How about just finding connection, instead? One good connection is better then 10 leads.

So, Hello from THA Beach! I finally got there, somehow! It was gorgeous. But I got a little cold.

AND Hello from Great America in San Jose.

99 % of the rides are unrideable for me. So, I had quite a lot of fun, imagine. Our older daughter is not a big fan of all the rides herself.

But she can handle cold ocean, and that’s where we went the next day.

Anyway, I’m feeling a little drained these days. Trying to find my way out of whatever the hell I have made out of myself.

A lot of soul searching. A lot of questions about how and why and what the hell have happened here.

Better now than never, I guess.

Don’t be shy and let me know what’s hiding in your head!

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