Fresh Ginger-Fruit Tea

I am not a water drinker. I love coffee and tea. I need flavor. 
Last summer, for example I had been drinking LEMON CUCUMBER (or LEMON RASPBERRIES) water and that worked just fine for me. This year I am trying a new discovery.

Fresh ginger.

I call it a “tea” because it requires boiling water. 
It takes little time before it’s ready but the waiting is definitely worth it. 


So far I have made those flavors:

strawberry ginger

blueberry ginger

lemon ginger

peach/nectarine ginger

and my favorite it strawberry and peach, but actually they are all delicious.
As I am writing it a raspberry ginger tea is brewing on the counter 🙂


This recipe is pretty strong in flavor so if you’re not accustom to ginger, you might want to cut the amount of ginger in half and try it that way first.

I make them in “ready-to-drink-from” jars

home-made-ginger-fresh-fruits-tea-mom-photographer (1 of 18)

Because of that it’s good to pour just a little of the boiling water on the bottom of the jars and wait a minute or so. If you don’t do that, and pour full jar of boiling water the glass will most likely crack. 

home-made-ginger-fresh-fruits-tea-mom-photographer (4 of 18)

waiting… just a minute or so… not too long…

home-made-ginger-fresh-fruits-tea-mom-photographer (10 of 18)

carefully filling it up… 

home-made-ginger-fresh-fruits-tea-mom-photographer (11 of 18)

lid on…

home-made-ginger-fresh-fruits-tea-mom-photographer (14 of 18)

patiently waiting an hour or so before moving it to the fridge.


It should sit in the fridge until it’s completely chilled or overnight. The longer it sits the stronger the flavor.

Shake it well before drinking!

home-made-ginger-fresh-fruits-tea-mom-photographer (16 of 18)

Have a good one, everybody! 

12 responses to “Fresh Ginger-Fruit Tea”

  1. So much better for you than soda…terrific idea.♥


    1. way better, and way tastier 🙂


    1. I’m drinking raspberry flavored right now and it tastes like a raspberry lemonade. do delicious!!!


  2. Interesting idea. I don’t like water much either so this might be the way to go. Fresh fruit is readily available here in the summer.
    I’ve got a summer salad recipe on my blog today if you’d like to check it out.


    1. today is pineapple ginger tea day 🙂

      and thank you for the salad recipe. I just saw it and it looks delicious.


  3. This looks so yummy! I love using ginger in cooking. I’ll have to give this a try!

    Kristi Bonney


  4. Maureen@ScoopsofJoy Avatar

    Oooh those looks delicious, Ewa! I’ve heard of infused water – haven’t try them – but I never heard of this before. Really interesting. Thanks for sharing. 😀


    1. Maureen, I love that water. I make it every chance I get. And the sky is the limit with what you want to put inside.


  5. I found your blog by stumbling upon it on your post about Ree Drummond. I like the Pioneer Woman, it is one of the wholesome and decent shows on today with all the other crap on TV. Oh, I’ve noticed that your blog hasn’t been active in quite some time. These look delicious, thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the honesty. There is everything for everybody out there. And while many don’t like Ree, many worship her.
      My husband can’t understand while i like Guy Fieri, for example, when he hates him and thinks he is a poser. I’ve read many blogs out there who don’t live a dry thread on him for who he is. That’s fine. We all have our own ideas for what’s good, entertaining, wholesome, etc.

      Yes, I haven’t been active here for more then a year. My life got too busy. Wish I could get back to it..


  6. Oh… this sounds delicious… I am not a water drinker either, and I am sure I´ll try this. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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