Tutorial: “How to take self-portraits”, Part I – Basic Tips

When I was brain storming about from where I should start this tutorial, the topic of FOCUS came as the most important. It wouldn’t be as important if I had a remote, but this is the point here: I want to show you that not having a remote or tripod should not stand on your way to take on some self-shooting. 

I know that lack of remote was my biggest concern when I had decided to start the 365 Self-Portrait Project, but as it appeared later it wasn’t really that big of a deal.  

So, yes, focus… 

Well, when I started putting together the presentation for Part I, which supposed to be about focus, I noticed I keep writing very general info/tips that have nothing to do with focus, but are actually an important part of the kind of self-portraiture I’ve done.

 So, before we go anywhere further, here is Part I of the tutorial: Basic Tips. 

I hope you guys enjoy it. 

Questions and suggestions are welcome, VERY 🙂

11 thoughts on “Tutorial: “How to take self-portraits”, Part I – Basic Tips

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  1. This is excellent. You are so right about practise, practise practise and also accepting imperfections. I think taking self portraits teaches you so much not only about photographic process but about yourself as a person and your self image!



  2. I have wondered all last year how you took the images of yourself. Did I ask? No. So I will stay tuned for how you did this and not have to ask. I am a terrible asker. It was great to see so many of your images in your video. That looked like a lot of work too! Hope you are well. – Sorry I have been out of the loop most of January and continuing in February. xo teri


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