365 Self-Portrait Project (week 45th)

Nothing very interesting has happened this week. The time flew by like… eh… like everything what flies fast… πŸ˜‰


Wait… actually one very interesting thing had happened. I had a family/newborn photo session last Friday. Had so much fun doing it, and  I have learned a few things; One of them was that I will not bring any of my kids to photo sessions (if I have more, of course). No matter how small they are. I thought, I’m doing the right thing, you know, No.2 is the most needy baby ever, she is the “momma needing” baby… so, even for a second I did not think I could leave her with my husband… .

Off we went…   

And I ended up shooting pictures like a super woman. In one  hand the camera, in the other No.2. Believe me, I was so sore the next day, it was hard to move my arms. I was tired, but I was happy tired.



Using Bonnie’s texture “Drips of Rainbow” and merging two pictures together (three if you count the texture), I created this:


Fish lips… Can you do that?! πŸ˜‰


These days it feels like doing the laundry is endless. Folding clean, washing dirty. Never ending circle. I actually hate folding laundry  and now I understand why my mom made us fold our own clothes as soon as we were able to do so… (it means, very early in life!).    


On the way to a doctor we stopped and had lunch at Olive Garden, my husband favorite place. Honestly: I have no idea why he likes it so much. The only thing I can eat there are: their “house salad” and bread sticks. Everything else is just drowned in cheese or so, so salty, it is almost inedible.      

At the doctor:

The doctor said that despite her rich in fiber/s diet (mostly newspapers!!!) she should start eating something else. I am not really looking to it, but wanting it or not… the first tray of tasteless carrot puree was made…

(still life with a twist for Bonnie’s challenge this week)

Photo Art Friday


While I was making this delicious “kale – Italian sausage” soup  

I was accompanied by the scream of No.2.
She can scream like that for as long as it takes you to finally give up and pick her up. Then she sniffles for the next half an hour making you feel guilty for her miserable being…


Just a quick photo shoot before the sunset.

and a funny thing:

Hope you guys are having a decent week, and wishing you even better weekend.

Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday

28 thoughts on “365 Self-Portrait Project (week 45th)

Add yours

  1. Wow – what great pics from your newborn shoot! Love the photo of you looking down at #2 and her looking up at you. The digital edits are great. The kale soup looks delicious. Is there anything you can’t do? LOL πŸ™‚


  2. Great shots all around! I must say I particularily like the “at the doctor’s” shot – there’s some kind of extra dimension(s) to that one… and the last two are wonderful – thanks for the chuckle! πŸ™‚


  3. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a little one to look after, but it’s all coming back to me through your blog. I’m really enjoying your chronicle, and your photos.


  4. That fourth to last shot is quite incredible. Wonderful POV. It was quite something what you were able to do at the newborn shoot. I’m not sure anyone else could have pulled that off!


  5. love your shots as always, and have no idea how you managed a photo shoot holding your baby. When your kids are grown, you are going to LOVE all of these shots, and think back on how amaizng it all was! Hard to believe now


  6. you never EVER disappoint!! I went to get a glass of ice tea and thoroughly deLIGHTed in my visit. the photo shoot is amazing, the other slices from the week so telling, and the last couple, really magical. always a treat!!


  7. I adore all your photographs! Beautiful!
    I smiled all the way through your post.. I love how you share tiny instances from your life in a humorous way. You are amazing!
    Happy weekend.


  8. Inspiring as always. Your newborn shoot photo’s turned out great. I loved the one of the family looking in on the baby.
    Also enjoyed your PAF photo, the evening shoot of you and #2 and you can make a great “fish face!”


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