365 Self-Portrait Project (week 38th)

Since I started this project I normally try to post one or two not self-portrait related posts in between each Friday. This week I haven’t done that.ย 

The husband was gone for 3 days so I was extra busy with the kids and the puppy, and with enjoying our time together. The weather has been so pretty I couldn’t stay indoor. Oh… how I love this time of the year.

We walked a lot. With the dog and without her.



On Friday we exercised a little. The house seemed empty without my husband so there was a lot of music playing and almost no TV. Actually we were goofing off for the most of the time but I was able to captured a few moments in which I looked like I was really exercising ๐Ÿ˜‰


On Sunday I spent a few hours playing with self-portraits.

I had an idea and I wanted to make a use out of it.

I love reflection. I always have.

Since I got into photography I always try to play with capturing reflections. Using mirrors. Tiny mirrors. Small mirrors. Big mirrors. Everything works.

This is a series I kept from when I was in college playing with an old film camera which I got from my brother. Oh, how I loved this camera. I wish I had it with me here in US. It is somewhere in my parents house back in Poland.

So this last Sunday I wanted to play with reflections again. I took out my tripod and after a few shots of this sort:

I had to stop because there was somebody trying to knock my tripod over. So, not intentionally but very spontaneously I had stared taking pictures of that somebody from high above.ย 

She was in heaven. Finally I was paying attention to her and this is what she was working towards that entire time. She is always happy when we pay attention to her AND ONLY HER.

Then I thought it would be great to just come down on the floor and take some shots of both of us. We both had so much fun. No. 1 was just looking at me like I was crazy or something. She didn’t want to play with us. She was doing her own stuff.


3 days the husband was gone. During those days we had walked a lot. I would pack everybody up, put them on leashes and we would walk. Sometimes we would go to the park and play. Other times we would just walk around the neighbourhood.


On Monday I was totally out of ideas.

At some point I took the camera and the tripod outside. I set it up, pushed the button and walked around while the camera was taking pictures. This was the best shot from the series. I wasn’t even trying to do something else. I thought: “That will do. There is no reason to lose sleep over a picture”.

At least I took some good pictures of No. 1

Both my kids love the tripod. There is something magnetic about this tool.


On Tuesday I woke up to an EMPTY COFFEE JAR!!!!!!!

I don’t know how that happened but it did happen and I had to fix it. I packed both kids and we went for a long walk to the nearest coffee shop. After I had my coffee the world finally got some colors. My mood totally improved and we took our time while walking back.

I was positively surprised how good No. 1 had behaved and how good she had walked with me. She got tired and bored a few times but a short break took her mind off of it and she was ready to walk again.


On Wednesday I spent most of the day writing an essay for Bonbon Break. Next month they gonna publish my post in which I talk about this 365 Project. I am really excited about it.ย 

So while I was trying to focus and come up with something interesting my Little Darlin did not want to sleep nor doing anything else beside sitting on my lap.


Few days ago while taking the puppy for a quick pee I had spotted this place. Immediately I thought about taking a self-portrait there.

This morning I woke up before everybody. Before I took the dog outside I hesitate for a while but finally I grabbed the bag with the tripod and my camera and I headed to this place.ย 

The street next to it was pretty busy at this time of the day. Everybody was driving to work, the offices across the street. I stood there for a while thinking. I was pretty intimidated by all that traffic. I didn’t expect that while I was planning to take those pictures. I was about to walk away when I changed my mind. I’m happy I did.

I love the colors of the threes and leaves. I love everything about this place and how wonderful scenery it creates, because of that I couldn’t pick a favorite shot. I like them all.

In The Picture

In a few minutes I was done with taking self-portraits and it felt pretty good to realized that I finally faced my demons. Up till this morning, in order to take self-portrait in a public places, I would hide my camera in a way in which it was hard to tell if it was turned ON. ha! I can say, I master this art ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, this is our growing Miss No.3

She has gotten so big. Hasn’t she.

Hope everything is well with you all and that you all enjoy this beautiful Fall weather!

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62 thoughts on “365 Self-Portrait Project (week 38th)

Add yours

  1. I absolutely LOVE your work. Small mirrors… what an epic idea, I am going to play with that myself this weekend. You have inspired me… *take more self portraits. Thank you!



  2. You are so creative! I’m always inspired by your work. Your image for PAF is adorable. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with Photo Art Friday.


  3. I love this set particularly the reflection shots. Your puppy is so cute in the leaves. Well done on conquering your fear. I am not so keen on taking a self portrait in the house!


  4. Goodness where do I begin, This post was filled with lots of very fun and interesting photos. I was intrigued by the “mirror/reflection” series.
    Loved the posts for PAF with your little girl (#1) hiding amongst the Ivy by the tree. Also loved the photo before that one. Then your set of Selfies on the walk and your pictures of your sweet little puppy were just wonderful.
    Totally enjoyed this entire post.
    Also want to say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such positive comments.


  5. Such a cute puppy and cute girls. Great reflection shot–it’s very cool. I also love that first exercise shot. You capture a lot about life in that shot with the dog in the crate, your oldest on her potty and the baby on the floor. Glad you got outside a lot–such pretty fall colors where you live.


    1. I have to have the dog in the crate as she wouldn’t let me to do anything. She would jump all over everybody. Me especially.
      I am really glad you like those pictures. I wasn’t sure if I should post them. Don’t know why, actually… just… there is something in them I didn’t feel very comfortable showing them. But at the end here we go. I did it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. I am always so very impressed with how creative you get with your selfies. I always love seeing what you will do next. Love these!


    1. thank you, Gina! I try to get creative but with each week it gets harder and harder. Like today, for example. It’s getting late and I have no idea what to do, what kind of picture to take. ugh…


  7. Fall is in full force there, isn’t it?

    I love that #2 is all about attention..well, not for your sake. But, I totally get it. #3 is at that stage now, too.


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