365 Self-Portrait Project (week 34th)

This week was one of those that passed by like an express train. I haven’t done much. Haven’t baked or cook much. Haven not read much.  Haven’t touched the sewing machine… and you know what? I felt exhausted. Each day felt like I’m running on fumes.


On Saturday I did some laundry.

These days it feels like every day I do laundry.

There was a week when whenever I needed clean clothes I was pulling them out of a basket because I just didn’t have the will to fold/hang them. I’d used one basket for dirty clothes and one for clean until we almost emptied the basket with the clean clothes. It seemed like husband didn’t mind this strategy at all.

by the way, don’t pay attention to the crying face behind me… she just wasn’t in a mood… .


On Sunday I had finally finished my fingerless gloves. They look great and I am so proud of myself for making them.


On Monday I had started making matching headband.


On Tuesday No. 1 had asked me for a banana for breakfast. I grabbed one, peeled it, gave her the peel and throw away the banana. When I saw the look she gave me I knew something is not right. Then I saw banana peels in my hand. I had not idea what I was doing.

 I told her:

“One more time you decide at 4:00 am that you “all done night night” this is what you gonna eat for breakfast… “

“No more “all done night night” at 4 am. You got me?!”

She said:


Right… :/

Those picture were taken while I was waiting for my coffee the next morning, while No.1 exhausted after 3 hours break from sleeping in the middle of the night was sound asleep, but No. 2 wasn’t!!!


Even if sleep is not a crucial part of a mother life, it is crucial to stay sane… 😉


I need to go on diet. It feels like. But I really don’t want to. What I really want is to get back to exercising a few times a week. Yoga, walking, jogging, something. Anything. Nothing big. I just need to loose a few post-pregnancy pounds, and late at night ice-creams and chocolate are not helping with it.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

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58 thoughts on “365 Self-Portrait Project (week 34th)

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  1. My favourites are number four’s two shots, especially the one in colour with you and little precious one looking in the same direction!
    I also find the last shot very amusing with the frig door open! I’m wondering what sort of snack you chose!


    1. thank you so much. I am glad you like them!
      as for your question, NO, I do not have the remote. I use 20 sec. delay. It’s a pain in a butt because that way it’s awfully hard to get the right focus.


  2. I always love visiting here to see your work! That crying face in the first shot is so classic. You’ll have to show her that one day 🙂 And I really like the one of you peeking through the screen. Great job, as always–you and your 365 are inspiring! Thanks for linking up at {in the picture}.


  3. wow!! great selfies!! i love the last b&w with you and your little on the floor. your gloves are awesome!! i’m always amazed by those who can knit such amazing things!! love fingerless gloves!!


  4. I know I say this every time I visit, but I am always so struck by the realness of your photos. The honesty of them is so refreshing and relatable…the photo of you lying on the floor while waiting for your coffee is one I know EVERY mother has related to at one point in her life…I sure do. So powerful! Your fingerless gloves are beautiful! Have a good weekend and I will hope you are able to get a little rest! Thanks for sharing these snapshot moments of your life.


    1. thank you, so much Sherri. I try to keep it real… for myself, for memories… Someday it will be so great to be able to come back to those photos and remember and show them to my kids. I think they’ll love it!
      Have a wonderful weekend, yourself!!!


  5. Wow! This is quite a project you’re doing…..love all the honest “slice of life” photos you’ve taken. The one of her crying behind you is classic. It does get easier as they get bigger!


    1. thank you, Gina. It’s funny because I had no idea she is going to be on this picture, and while it is not the best from that day I had decided to put this one just because of her crying face behind me… just to show the real “slice” of my life.


  6. Wow, super creative selfies. Love that laundry with Ms sad face behind, that classic fridge shot, and my fave is the knitting image of the hands. Well done.


  7. what sweet pictures! love the ones of you lying on the floor with the baby… there were times when my girls were babies that I would literally lay in the middle of their toys and “mom sleep” while they played. (you know, half a sleep but hearing everything?) remember those days!


  8. You pictures are all stunning and amazing, especially the black & white I’m such a sucker for them. I should come here more often and see if you have tutorial shots 😀 I haven’t take any pictures with my camera in ages.


    1. Maureen, I have thought about doing something like you just mentioned, but I feel like I don’t have enough of authority to do it… Will think about it more, though! thank you for stopping by!!!


    1. thank you. I know i’ll be coming back to these pictures in a few years and laugh about it, but today… I just go day by day… hoping for more sleep each day but not getting it… I know I’ll be fine though thanks to all the support from all you 🙂


  9. Hello Ewa! Here is Andrea alias Elisabeth Andrée 😀
    Thanks for stopping by and writing your comments, very sweet of you!
    I love your pictures and I really feel for you that you are so tired. BUT how wonderful that you are back to crochet and I love your fingerless gloves, I can imagine that you feel proud about them! Well done!


    1. haha… I barely know what’s my name these last few days, Elisabeth! Since I made the gloves I have made a matching headband and a camera strap. It is such a lovely pattern and crocheting is SOOOOOO relaxing.
      Have a wonderful day, my friend!


  10. Great set. Love the shot of you and your little one crashed out on the floor – I remember that feeling well! – and the fridge shot! All your shots are great though and I love those gloves. 🙂


  11. This one is a treasure from start to finish. I love the way you’re DOing this project and the story of your week in rewind is simply delightful!! So many shots I love for a variety of reasons, and it would take me an entire post to mention each and every why and wherefore!!! There is nothing quite like this time in your Life. I’m sure you are rolling your eyes and thinking me foolish to say so, yet I am saying it all the same. That you have captured it and given the photographs their own story is truly genius!! My photo of my son back when he was about the same age as “No. 1” made me see that moment as if it were Right Now, yet only AFTER seeing yours. That is a gift for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart…
    p.s. on my 366 Daze of Grace blog I am playing with the way too many photos I’ve taken of Gracie, my 7.5 year old Golden. I did something similar long BEfore the blog world was born. I used a sketchbook and drew in the months and each day I wrote something about Timmy as he was moving from baby to little boy land. I encourage you to keep on with No. 3, and really, you ARE frightening to the little thing, but that’s the path to a bond you will cherish. I used to take Gracie out every 30 minutes when she was tiny [about the size of a sack of apples I used to say BEcause she pooped-out and made me carry her 3/4s of the way round the house!!] and she was all good to go, literally, within a week. So fear NOT, all these things take time yet once they are “crossed off” the list, new things come into focus… enJOY your BEautiful family and Life. and thank you for our lovely back and forth. it is a delight!! xoxo


    1. Currie, I looked through your 366 Daze of Grace blog and I love it! Such an artistic way of portraying your dog. What a wonderful idea!

      As for the story behind each photo: I did not plan it to be that way, but when I first started it felt kinda awkward not to say anything about the picture. I’ve done it a few times, so far, as some of those self-portrait don’t have stories behind them, they are just regular self-portraits I took while running out of time or ideas…

      Our No.3 is making my life much more crazy and frustrating but we will be fine. She is a cutie and we already love her!

      Thank you for such a great conversation!


  12. Cool fingerless gloves. I need some at work. Its so cold in here but I must have my finger free–perfect solution. That shot with your daughter crying behind you is so cute and perfect. That is real life. Great week.


  13. I may or may not have dosed on the floor with #3 playing from non-sleeping antics. Mine is usually from her, though. She thinks 3 am is acceptable for a middle of the night snack.

    There are many days where I feel like I’ve done nothing and yet I’m exhausted. But, it’s tough work keeping those kiddos alive and safe!


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