B-day Girl and Nola’s Iris Garden


Finally I got a chance to sit down with a cup of my favorite green tea and write a post.

Finally, because lately  for most of the days I look like that: 

Our Sleeping Beauty has changed into Not So Sleepy or Sleeping Only When You Hold Me and If You’re Not I Scream Beauty. I can’t decide what’s better: me worrying all day long about her not eating and loosing weight or her being such a needy Little Stinker. My poor back is hurting me terribly because not only that she doesn’t sleep much BUT she eats a lot which means she gets heavier and heavier each day. In addition it’s really hard to have anything done around the house.

So, this is what’s happening with our No 2.

Last week our No 1. turned 2. We have a small family celebration at Chuck E. Cheese’s. She loved it and I was happy I didn’t have to bake or cook anything that day.


Nola’s Iris Garden!!!

The thing is that I really don’t care about Irises. I think they are not that pretty or interesting as flowers. 


For me that place is magical. I wrote about it last year when we visited it for the first time.

It’s magical maybe because while I do not like irises this place full of them is my favorite place. I haven’t found anything better than that. 

Maybe I like it so much because this is how I would want to live. On a farm, with a few horses and cows and chickens running around. I want to have a  place full of dogs. I want to have gardens.

This place looks like that only for a few weeks while the irises bloom. For the rest of the year the owners support themselves by selling bulbs and grass-fed cows (for meat, of course). They do rent horses as well.

This young creature was abandoned by its mother after birth and the owners had fed him from the bottle for a while. Now she is on a mixed diet: grass + grains. It’s an experiment as normally those people have only grass-fed cows this time they want to see if feeding her with grains will make a change in the taste of the meat. Yes, this cute thing is going to end up in our food chain in a near future.

Scattered Horizons

Last year our daughter was barely walking when we visited this place. This year she was everywhere. It was hard to stop her from running all over those flowers. It was like she was on a sugar rush.

From time to time she would lost her chips. Myself I do believe in a rule of not having many rules when it comes to eating from the floor. So while she was cleaning up the mess she made I was watching my husband’s “a little bit concerned face”. Nope, we do not agree on many things. Eating from the floor is one of them but anytime it’s not his food we’re talking about (picking from the floor) he let it go 😉

(And that’s why he stopped watching me cooking in the kitchen. He was simply afraid that if he continues to do that he wouldn’t want to eat what I cook.)

Anyway, our daughter strongly believe that what fell on the floor is as good as something what is on the plate (or in a  bag in this case).

There is all kinds of small sculptures placed all over the garden and I love it.

So for now I’ll leave you all here. My quiet, dreamy time came to the end.

Have a great evening, my friends!

Live, Love, Travelparenting BY dummiesand  then, she {snapped}

19 responses to “B-day Girl and Nola’s Iris Garden”

  1. I remember what that’s like to have two small ones at the same time. House work can wait. I only did what was absolutely necessary for all to survive. Besides, just use the dusty coffee table as a guestbook and have visitors sign via fingertip before they leave.

    Your flower photos are amazing. Epic captures. They are inspirational and I look forward to putting your talent to my good use.

    Such a pleasure to meet you.


    1. these days I am so happy we do not live in a big house just in a tiny apartment 🙂
      There is not a lot to clean because of that but still being such a clean lady I get so upset when something reach a certain point of dirtyness and dustyness and toyseverywhereness 😉 (and that point is already reached here!!!) ugh… .

      btw, thank you for visiting and leaving such a comforting words. I appreciate it!


  2. there must be an iris named EWELINA…a rusty red beauty with open eyes and shades of ivory and blue threaded through…

    sleep well little mama…you only have to steel yourself like a sheet of gleaming metal for 1 hour..oh yes it takes a long time for a baby to realize it’s time to quit yelling…you can ignore the cries as soon as you change diapers and feed the growing child–then you will be surprised that she no longer screams for attention to go to sleep..she’ll fall asleep right on your shoulder as you burp her with a patting motion…children love the steady beat of mom’s hand and a song or so…
    tell us if she responds..and IF YOU survive the whole crying thing…


    1. we did that with red headed iris when she was that little. we simply ignored her crying. this time is a little bit different. I think I got softer when it comes to baby no 2.
      luckily she is a good sleeper when she finally falls asleep even during the night. sometimes I need to wake her up because my breasts are killing me and I’m too lazy to pump at night.
      … and you’re right, she loves to fall asleep on my shoulders while I’m trying to burp her.
      as for the surviving part: we just digged out an old swing chair, no batteries though. hopefully it will do the job.


  3. I love all the photos with the flowers.

    I agree with the other comments, two is hard. In some ways there are many pluses. You are a little more sure of yourself and your older can be somewhat of a helper, but your attention is always divided and many things just have to take a back burner. And that’s completely okay.


    1. thank you for your supporting words. I NEED THEM these days.
      and you’re right my older daughter already loves to help. she brings clean diapers and takes the dirty ones to the trash. she is really proud of that 🙂


  4. Those are beautiful irises. You’ve got some great pics here. My mom has a little model bike like the one you shot. She got it from Homegoods. It’s like the cutest thing ever; I love it!


    1. isn’t it cute! they had more of those sculptures and models all over this huge garden! I loved it!
      Thank you for visiting!


  5. You’ve got so many wonderful photos!

    Have a great WW!


    1. thank you! I’m glad you like them!


  6. I am sorry things are so hard right now. I know when I had my twins sleep was not something I got much of. Don’t worry about the house. That stuff when be there when things settle down. Things will get better.
    I love your photos. What a beautiful place to visit.


    1. oh my! I can only imagine how hard it was with twins. I used to work as a nanny for twins.
      I do, though, try not to worry that much about the house chores! thanks for support 🙂


  7. oh wow, I love all the shots you captured in the Iris Garden! I would love to go shoot there!


    1. yep, it is a beautiful place!!! everybody who loves photography and nature would fall in love in this place!


  8. The black and white has a lot of texture to it! Thanks for linking up and good luck in the contest!


  9. These are so beautiful. Looks like your daughter had a great birthday.


    1. thanks, Sarah! indeed, she was in heaven running around and trying everything 🙂


  10. I absolutely adore Irises! And happy 2nd bday to your No 1


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