Self-portrait 365(6) Project

It’s time for my self-portraits post.

This week was especially hard for me. I think I’m running out of ideas and I’m getting to a point in my pregnancy where I feel like a whale (literally). I even walk like a whale… I mean, I know whales don’t walk but imagine it for a second. Swinging from right to left while walking… yeah… that’s me!

It’s really hard to point a camera at myself feeling like that. Every time I took a picture and saw it on a camera screen I didn’t like it at all. So I tried again… and again… and again… and I got really tired of trying… and many times I choose to use a picture where I’m blurry somewhere on the background… . Those are my favorite shots. I even don’t feel comfortable with showing my fingers (today’s picture) or toes as they get really swollen more and more often. 


This is a page from my daughter’s book which she torn apart.

Now it’s your turn. Look at the mirror and tell me what you see. I hope you see somebody beautiful outside and inside. I hope that at least you feel much more comfortable with what you see than I do.


It supposed to be totally different picture but every time I took a shot I cut out some part of me. I didn’t plan for it to look like those two (two with the least amount of cut parts of me). I took more than 20 pictures and IN EVERY SINGLE ONE there was a part of me missing. This is what you get when you’re too lazy to use tripod essentially :/


Quick peek through the blinds every morning to see what’s going on outside and what the weather looks like. Most of the time the weather is great and most of the time nothing is going on… 🙂


Ok… I need love but I need some chocolate as well. In my case though, the chocolate part hurts really bad. With every single bite my heartburn grows enormously. Oh well I really need some pleasures these days, even if it lasts for a few minutes only and I’m ready to pay for it with pain.


We’re in the process of potty training. It’s going really good considering that a month ago our daughter screamed her lungs out if we put her on the potty chair without a diaper on. She DID NOT want to sit on that WEIRD HOLE for even a second. It seems like in a few more months we will be done with diapers, not completely though… new pooper will arrive so… the fun will continue.


This week I have learned that I do know how to use an old t-shirt to strain a cheese from the whey but I have no freaking idea how to use a cheese cloth for the same purpose. It makes an interesting subject to use while taking pictures though. 


Ok, this picture is totally fake (not in the Photoshop fake way, though). I just don’t paint my nails. NEVER. The last time I did it was 2 or 3 years ago. Seriously. I took this picture because I had this idea wandering through my head for days now.

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Wishing you all wonderful weekend.

Warm hugs from my whale-like corner!

24 responses to “Self-portrait 365(6) Project”

  1. if you feel whaleful, blow some water out of your spout preferably in the tub or pool..pshshttt!
    wear a caftan or djellaba made of soft cotton and float in the breezy corridors..
    dandelion salad and asparagus/cheese rolls. mousse au chocolat for luscious dessert…mmm little porpoise..


    1. lol. thank you for the propositions but my pool is freaking cold and the bathtube is way to small for me!
      as for the dessert I would choose any other flavor than chocolate. As much as I like chocolate I do not like any desserts that are chocolate flavored, puddings, cakes, cookies, ice creams.. yuck. I would prefere that dandelion salad and rolls – sounds really delicious!


  2. Nice shots. You are brave to take self portraits..maybe someday I’ll get there, doubtful, but maybe.


    1. thank you! it took me a while to finally get to this point. I still don’t feel very comfortable but it’s getting better and better. The thing is that I feel better in front of the camera only when there is nobody behind the camera. If somebody else points a camera at me I panic.


  3. Those are great self portraits. I love how all your photos have a softness to them. The selective focus on the one your looking over your shoulder is great. Nice textures – I’m just starting to learn that.


    1. thank you so much for you comments. I really enjoyed the pictures of your dogs… they look so sweet and cute!!!


  4. You look absolutely wonderful! When are you due? Thank you so much for linking up at Frivolous Friday’s, I hope to see you back at the end of February! Good luck with potty training too…I am headed down that very long road very shortly…eek…


    1. ah potty training… that’s a pain… and a lot of patience and consistency… my due is in the middle of April. Those two will be almost like twins if we speak about b-day 🙂


  5. Witam 🙂 Przeczytalam kilka wpisow wstecz, kilka wyrywkowych juz starszych, oraz skopiowalam przepis na ricotte domowej roboty. Na pewno wyprobuje.
    Gratuluje slicznego brzuszka i pozwole sobie zagladac tutaj czesciej.
    Pozdrawiam z CT


    1. Cześć Ania. Jak miło czytać Polską duszę. Strasznie się cieszę, że się blog spodobał i mam nadzieję na częstsze wizyty 🙂 Pozdrawiam serdecznie!


  6. these shots are beautiful. i love your leg warmers!


    1. aren’t they cute? my husband says they are outdated and nobody wears them anymore… it doesn’t seem like nobody if I still
      thanks for stopping by!


  7. What lovely shots! Thanks so much for sharing at “Life as this Mommy knows It”!


  8. Oh, honey. This made me so sad. I think you are absolutely STUNNING. I WISH you could see what I see. I could only pray I’ll look this beautiful when I’m pregnant.
    The potty training comment with your daughter screaming made me laugh. You poor thing. Both of you!!
    I like the cheese cloth photo. I like them all. The cheesecloth is so tricky, isn’t it? Fold it one way, then try to double it, then triple it. I’ve been through that. I usually use the strainer AND a cheesecloth to get my Greek yogurt the way I like it. But I have to let it drain for like 12 hours. I MUST be doing something wrong! LOL! Keep trying. Though if the t-shirts work just as well, there you go! 🙂
    Maybe I’ll try taking more photos of myself. You inspire me. I don’t like what I look like at all. I was just thinking that today in the mirror. No matter how small I am, I only see fat blubber. And I’m not even pregnant! I don’t like thinking that way. Maybe if I took more pictures of myself……


    1. Jenn, there was a time in my life from when I do not have any photos of me. Now I really regret that. Now I know I wasn’t looking bad but back then I though such a horrible things about myself… ugh… .
      Today I know that I do not look THAT bad but the way pregnancy makes me feel at some point takes over and I just see through what/how I feel. The pictures I post here are the BEST ones and those that I do not post shows the real me.

      Speaking about the cheese cloth… I didn’t give up. I’m going to try to use it again. I know that it can’t be that hard… If I can’t use it the next time I’ll blame my pregnancy for that because pregnancy makes you brain demaged, too! Seriously!


      1. Darn cheesecloth! I like that you’ll be able to look back on these shots years from now and remember what you were doing, how you felt. Your children will love them. It’s tough to be photgenic when you’re pregnant. But I think you look fabulous and that you’re too hard on yourself. I bet your hubby feels the same way! (Just ask him.) 🙂


        1. thank you, Jenn! You’re always so sweet! Pregnant women need more love than when they are not pregnant… so thank you for your kind words.
          And… I know, I know, my husband really likes when I’m pregnant and the way I look so I always get plenty of compliments from him 🙂 but still… woman is a woman, stuborn creature!


  9. Love the polish!!!!!!


  10. Love the reversed words in your mirror shot – great indication you are looking in! Thanks for joining up with Mosaic Muse.


  11. You look wonderful and all your photos look wonderful, very artistic! Gosh you are not even close to a whale-thing:)


    1. Elisabeth, thank you so much for your sweet comment 🙂


  12. […] Self-portrait 365(6) Project ( […]


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