A piece of everyday life

We start our day from, what dad would say, buziaks.

In Polish “buziak” means “kiss” but we do not add “s” at the end of plural nouns. So “buziaks” is not plural for “kisses”… but it’s always funny to hear my husband speaking Polish and trying to figure it out. He has blast listening to my English, so from time to time is good for the situation to switch places.

So, yes… there is many buziaks every morning and through the entire day.

kimklassencafeScattered Horizons

These days, after we have our breakfast there is a time to drink juice from a cup, just like a big girl. In meantime I try to tie her hair in pony tail so she will get used to to wearing it. It’s not as easy as it may sound. She wears it for 10 minutes and that’s it. She’s done for the day.

After the juice-time there is a morning dancing-time:

In between, and believe me, dancing always lasts much longer that 1 minute, she “reads”. She picks a book, she gives me one, she takes two. She reads hers and I have to read what she gives me. Most of the time the books she brings to me come from my book shelf… so at the end I find myself reading to her George Orwell in Polish.

Later, there is time to make a call. Dad’s on the phone all day, and she likes to imitate every single thing we do these days.

Almost always there is something cooking in the kitchen.

AndΒ  before we all go to bed there is a time to play. These days her favorite activity is to wear a bucket over her head while trying to run over our dog. Quick peek if she is on the right path and the chase keeps going.

That’s an example of one of our lazy and ordinary day. There is much more going on sometimes and my camera isΒ  not always with us.

Photobucketten on ten button small

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  1. I love your day in photos! So much love and fun πŸ™‚ I love reading with my kids too. Children do know how to turn an ordinary day into extraordinary πŸ™‚ Truly beautiful moments, Ewa.


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