Food Photography Meetup

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to meet with people from “photography club for women”. This meetup theme was Food Photography. Many times I planned to go to one of those meetups before but it didn’t work for me. This time it all happened at the local park where I could take my daughter (and my husband) with me. The weather was just beautiful and the company excellent. This group is very mixed. From very talented photographers who tries to establish a business locally to a amateurs who want to learn more about theirs equipment, lightening and composition. Thanks to Sabrina – our organizer it all was well prepared. We were put into groups with 3 people in each. A few days before the meetup, we got email addresses of our group mates so we could contact each other and talk about who brings what and how we’re going to work.

I can’t speak for all of us but I think that most of the people had a really great time.

I normally edit pictures in GIMP, but this time I used Lightroom and I am so happy I did that. I think I discovered one of my favorite presets so far. Toy camera. A few weeks ago I got it for free from here. If you look at every picture in this post I wrote which one was edited using that particular preset.

Here are a few pictures I took. Many of my pictures are of this basket as I really liked the set up and mixed vivid colors. While going through them I couldn’t decide which one to choose so I’m posting almost all of them.


My group mate’s, Patricia’s fresh picked lemons were a great subjects to photograph, as well.  I started to peel one of them and…, and they smelled… OMG!!! So intense and sooo good.  I wanted to eat them right there.

edited with "toy camera" preset for lightroom

edited with "toy camera" preset for lightroom

That one lemon brought a lot of attention to our work table:

It might seems weird but the bigger problem for me was to make that single cabbage looks interesting. I couldn’t find a good angle or a good place for it. When I picked it at the store I thought it would be a great subject to photograph as it has interesting texture and it’s not that simple as… lemon for example. How surprised I was when the lemon (or an apple) appeared to be a better thing to photograph that the cabbage.

Beautifully polished apple:

edited using "toy camera" preset for lightroom

Juicy and sweet orange. I know, I ate it after all 🙂

edited using "toy camera" preset for lightroom

and what I called a “balanced diet” 🙂

The strawberry and a basket of raspberries were the last thing I photographed.

With the raspberries I wanted to focus on the entire scenario rather than only on the fruits, and I didn’t want to get in the way of one of the group member Christine, who tried to catch the perfect light for her pictures.

edited using "toy camera" preset for lightroom

My group mate, Patricia, trying to take her last snap before we were all packed and ready to go home.

Now if you’re still here feel free to go and check out more pictures of people who were at this meetup:

1. May Rogers

2. Celeste Wyrick

3. Maiyang Liu

4. May Yam


the general gallery from this meetup.

If I get more links from people from our group I’ll post them here. For now it’s all I got.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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22 thoughts on “Food Photography Meetup

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      1. thanks for the link 🙂 there’s nithing there close to me, but I will be checking it on the regular basis, or I might just start my own group :))


  1. How lucky to have found
    a group of like-minded
    photo friends to play with!
    You got some amazing shots.
    And fresh-picked lemons….what…??
    I think it takes a special talent
    to make food LOOK appealing,
    even when it’s something yummy.
    Unless it’s done right, it doesn’t
    really come across. Well done : )

    xx Suzanne


    1. thank you!

      I thought it would be much easier to take those pictures, as I normally take picture of food on daily basic. This time though it was different. With all those props and different settings and all the advices we got from Sabrina and Christine… it was really great but still very challenging!


  2. How wonderful that you found some photo friends to share the day with. You really got some great shots. I think it must have really been difficult to shoot against white fabric. Very interesting day and you really did get some amazing shots.
    I’m visiting over from lovely Privet and Holly.


  3. Wow, what a great idea for a get-together with other photographers. I really like the strawberry and the basket shots – nice work! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up at my place today!


  4. these are all great shots! Thanks so much for sharing! I really like the shot of the lemon in the bowl by itself with the other lemons in the background. Food photography is really challenging, I’ve been trying to learn it myself, but I think you did a great job with it!


    1. that doughnut was funny. the funny thing was while we were shooting it that person who placed it there (it was her piece) kept asking: “are you done, yet”, “are you done, yet… I want to eat it”!!!


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