New Year Resolutions – they come and go!

Ah those New Year Resolutions…

Baby they come and go…

Things are gonna change,

Gonna read more books,

Gonna keep up with the news,


Well Baby, they come and go

Will I do any of these things?

The answer’s probably NO.

… and every single year, on this particular day I listen to this song and sing along!!! It makes me feel better about my New Year Resolutions and about myself, because this year is even worse than the previous ones. This year I have no single resolution I promised to do, achieve, accomplish.

… and it feels sooo good!!!!

Happy New Year, Everybody!

I wish you all good health and lots of happiness!

5 responses to “New Year Resolutions – they come and go!”

  1. Dosiego Nowego Roku !!!! Duzo zdrowia i pociechy z Rodzinki :-). Do uslyszenia w 2012 !


  2. Tobie również, Magda! Owocnego blogowania i pstrykania zdjęć i wiele wiele zdrowia!


  3. I just got my little “year end talley” from wordpress. Did you get yours? It said you made more comments than anyone else. I was so flattered you’d be interested in what I write because everything you share is just so darn amazing. I love all of it.
    I’m so thrilled that I met you this year. I’m looking forward to your future posts about your life. I find them all so interesting. This year is going to be amazing for you with baby number two! Happy New Year to the four of you!! (Well, soon to be four!) 🙂


    1. I’m speechless, Jennifer. I have never gotten such a great comment! This is an awesome way to summon up my passing year. You just made my night!!! Thank you!
      btw, I hope I’m gonna leave many more comments on your posts.
      Happy New Year to you and you husband!


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