Pictures of the day

Today’s kind of wordless day but with many things going on in my kitchen… . I baked, I cooked, I cleaned and now I am exhausted. It’s unbelievable what pregnancy can make with a woman. I barely can recognize myself. I haven’t had so much energy in months. Today I was making granola bars, cooking beets soup and preparing dinner rolls, everything at the same time. In the meantime I changed a few diapers, played with our Stinker for a while and fed her breakfast and lunch (and of course cleaned everything after she was done… what you can see on pictures below). I was done with everything by 1pm.ย 

Now I’m thinking what to make for dinner… but, maybe I’ll skip that part and let the family to live on little sandwiches made from dinner rolls. Will see.

Now I dream about black coffee and a slice of pineapple upside down cake… but not having any at the house (coffee I mean) I’ll stick to a cup of green tea with grapefruit juice.., and share some funny pictures from today and yesterday.

Loving her baloons and herself in the mirror... .
Lucky, and looking very very comfy.

Figuring out what's better: eating straight from the table, or maybe using a little bit help from her hands... .


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    1. She loves pasta, and I love when she really enjoyes her food… but then I have to pay for that happiness by spending extra time on bathing her, and cleaning everything on/under the table and all over the floor… . ugh… . motherhood.


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