They hate me!!!

My oven and stove hate me!!!… and it hurts… 😦

Sunday Snapshot

I hope, your kitchen tools treat you with more respect!

8 responses to “They hate me!!!”

  1. Oh man, that’s what my hands and arms looked like while I was in culinary school. I still have scars!


    1. I don’t know what’s happening with me these days. I’m so clumsy when it comes to handle dishes in the oven… I think the pregnancy makes me that way. I hope it passes


  2. The war wounds of a mom that loves her family! Wear them proudly! LOL.


    1. I will.All together with the new one I made today :/


  3. O jejku ale rany !!! Uwazaj z tym piecem !!! Kuchanie jak widac jest zawsze niebezpieczna i to nie tylko na linje ;-). Pozdrawiam !


    1. dzięki Magda. Te starsze rany już powoli znikają, ale dzisiaj zrobiłam sobie nową. Niezdara ze mnie!


  4. Oh honey, be careful! I do the same thing, and scar badly!


    1. it just a pregnancy thing. I normally don’t do that so often. While pregnant I’m always terribly clumsy and forgetful like I suffer some kind of brain damage. lol


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