Quick peek at our last week and Scavenger Hunt

Last week we had guests from the East Cost.

It’s been crazy busy time. One day we spent visiting Henry Cowell Redwood State Park in Felton and the next day we went to San Francisco.

I took too many pictures. Seriously. Every single time I go to SF I promise to myself that I won’t get crazy with photographing every single building and every single time I do the opposite ;).

Anyway, yesterday late at night I finished editing my last picture. It’s too many pictures to squize them in in one or even two (or three) posts so now I have to think of a coherent way of displaying them in a few posts.

This post will be the first part, I guess. For Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt I used just pictures from our trip to Redwoods and San Francisco.

I am one of those people who if having to many unprocessed pictures they won’t take any new pictures until they are done processing the old ones. I know that today I do not have to edit any more pictures but still… I am tired of even thinking about it and thinking about having to take new pictures is very unpleasant right now.

Ok, back to the Scavenger Hunt list for this week:

1. Before and After

a) before

b) after

This picture is really not that good. I can’t do panoramic pictures and I can’t edit them so the space where they are connected is not visible. In this pictures I wasn’t trying to be technically good. I wanted to show the spectacular view of San Francisco looking from a place called Twin Peaks.

2. Opposing Lines

… and as I said… when going to the City I just can’t help myself. I HAVE to take pictures of those buildings out there. This time we had a wonderful weather and the sky was just perfect for pictures like the one above.

3. Custom Bokeh

I wish I had the time to play with creating my bokeh but maybe another time. Thanks for the awesome idea, though.

This time I used a photo from Redwoods State Park.

4. Little Features

Waiting for our food to come at Louis’ restaurant in San Francisco. Trying out an amazing AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G which a happy owner I am since a few days now. CAN YOU IMAGINE!? I still can’t!!!!!

5. Which pair of shoes should I wear?

In this case the question is irrelevant. She didn’t need shoes at all 😉

Sunday SnapshotUnknown Mami

11 responses to “Quick peek at our last week and Scavenger Hunt”

  1. This is a gorgeous set – I really love your opposing lines shot!


  2. San Fran is such a great place to take photos….and your shots are all amazing. can’t wait to see more.


  3. Really nice shots this week, but that little one’s hands with the crayons tugs at my heart. Have a great week ahead!!


  4. Cute, little features is my favorite one


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  6. Scavenger hunts of any sort are a lot of fun. Doing one with a camera is intriguing. I’ll have to look into doing that some time.

    Don’t apologize for taking pictures of buildings – they’re a wonderful subject matter (and hold still)!


  7. Beautiful set! The opposing lines is fantastic and I love your little features!


  8. Love your opposing lines shot and litte features. Great photos.


  9. I loved seeing your panoramic shot! I also really liked your lines shot with the tilted angle and the color from the hanging lanterns. Nice!


  10. Great set, gorgeous panorama, love your lines and bokeh, so beautiful, and features and shoes are so adorable!


  11. Beautiful pictures. As a resident of San Francisco, I can attest to it being an irresistible place to photograph. I mean it just begs to be photographed.


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