Fake Ree Drummond and quite real egg in a hole

As a big fan of Food Network I couldn’t miss “The Pioneer Woman” cooking show. Even my husband wanted to watch it. His motives were totally different from mine, though. I am not a cowgirl (neither my husband wish to be a cowboy) and do not wish to be one but I wouldn’t mind to have a few animals, my own fruit and veggy garden and to live in the middle of nowhere. Though, that’s a totally different image from Ree Drummond‘a life. I actually think that with my plans and dreams of a small farm I would be more of a cowgirl that she is.

No, I am not Ree Drummond fan. I do not read her blog. I used to be interested in her photography tips but I’m not anymore. I do not have any of her books, btw, from what I’ve read about them they are really poorly written and every single recipe she’s selling in one of her books are available for FREE on her blog.

After watching her show I though: gosh, is she a superwoman or what? homeschooling, cooking, baking, keeping sinfully clean not one but two houses, blogging all about it, editing photos, creating her own Photoshop actions, and tutorials, and much  more! How do you do that Ree? In between you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to upgrading, not your home, but the guest house  on your property?  

After I saw a few episodes of her show I asked myself: Why living in a cattle ranch (in ranch in general) she always buys meat and eggs and veggies and actually EVERYTHING?! Kinda weird. Isn’t it?!

Then I started reading about her and her life. She has never worked a day in her entire life. She’s got maids to do all the work for her. I wouldn’t be surprise if she had somebody who writes that blog of hers for her.  She grew up as a millionaire and got married to a millionaire. She is one of the bored and rich house wifes. The difference is she does not live in Orange County or Beverly Hills or Chicago on New York. She lives in Oklahoma in the middle of nowhere and she is just a bit more talented (smarter) and more bored than those house wifes of big cities of whom BravoTv is filled up with.

… and I got really tired of her fake tv show image of “simple rancher’s wife” living “simple life” in a “simple ranch”. ugh…

… and I’m quite disappointed by Food Network by having Ree on their website list of “chefs” among cooks like Alexandra Guarnaschellli, Boby Flay, Anne Burrell or Robert Irvine. Those people should be really offended.

… and I laugh reading “An Open Letter to Ree Drummond”. As I have never been her big fan I totally understand that letter…  or this website.

… and Ree…. thanks for your recipe for “Egg in hole”. That’s the only thing that turned out useful from your show. My husband loves it.

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21 thoughts on “Fake Ree Drummond and quite real egg in a hole

  1. Ewa, one of my favorites…not the cook but the recipe. I’ve been making “eggs in a nest” for years!
    The one decent bit of information I took with me when I left my ex husband. lol

    1. Arline, there are good things in bad experiences (sometimes, I guess).
      I still learn about American kitchen.Sometimes with success sometimes.. oh well… you know 🙂 With this breakfast I kill two birds with one stone. J. eats toasts with eggs, little one eats those bread circles with jam on top 🙂 and it’s so easy and fast to make. win win!

  2. Huh. Interesting about Ree Drummond’s history. I haven’t seen her show because I don’t have cable, but I read her blog before she wrote a cookbook or had the show, because I liked her sense of humor, and I’m a fellow homeschooler. Honestly, her recipes are mostly pretty common, she just shoots them well (thoroughly!) for her blog. But it’s her personality that makes her popular (and her marketing team, I’m sure), whether she’s a spoiled rich housewife or not.

    1. Funny, becasue I liked her blog until I saw her on tv… Since then I stopped liking her personality. I think she is really fake with what she says and how she acts. It seems like with many things she says about food she just quotes somebody else.

  3. I think she is adorable. I love her recipes, I have tried many of them..and they have all really turned out well. Let’s see…she is a rancher, not a farmer. I live in Nebraska, and there IS a difference. As far as her tv personality goes, what does it matter? I would rate her above PD and RR any day. Her recipes are simple and easy to prepare. Sincerely, I wonder how we would be in front of the cameras ? Huge fan of Ree..

    1. and I am not saying that you shouldn’t be a fan of hers or that you shouldn’t like her. I’m just saying that I don’t like her selling herself as a living simple life somewhere in a ranch a simple wife of a simple rancher. In addition it’s not fair that with her fortune her blog wins all the prizes and is on all the best blogs lists. She has everything staged and I bet there is a few people working on menaging her blog and everything what she is putting up there.
      At least she shouldn’t be pretending… . That’s my opinion.

  4. I have never visited Ree’s blog before in my life. I am a cooking show fanatic who watches Food Network all the time. My only knowledge of her comes from her show on Food Network. The second episode I watched I wondered to myself ‘when does this woman have time to breathe?’ that was before I discovered she home schools her kids and lives on a working ranch. That’s when I knew she was a phony!
    I thought it was just me at first, but, I discover there is a whole culture out there that hates this creature. Ree Drummond is an insult to all pioneer women who struggled to survive their harsh life. She is likewise an insult to all women who are forced to work to survive financially, have a career, have some semblance of a family life and get dinner on the table every night! She is a hot house plant not worth the level she has been elevated too. Is Food Network joking with this creature???? I tried struggling through her show a couple of times, but haven’t bothered since. She is one I change the channel on and go to the Chinese gal in San Francisco.

  5. @ Dede–Hot house plant! hahaha! I’ve never heard that one before! I’ll have to use it sometime. LOL!

    @ Elwa—my cousin likes her. I don’t watch the Food Network because I find it all so overwhelming. But I think “big” personalities are usually a hit on cooking shows, even fake ones. (Fake personalities, not fake cooking shows. I have my own fake cooking show in my own kitchen with an audience of one—me.) Example. I think Paula Dean is cute as a button as she kills herself eating doughnut sandwiches but she gets on my mom’s last nerve. Besides, the rich always discover a way to get richer. Example. Paris Hilton, right?

    But one good thing did come from it all—the egg in a hole. Never seen that before. Bread is so much fun….isn’t it? 🙂

    As usual, interesting thread. And I love the difference of opinions. Always makes for an entertaining, interesting read!
    Bravo all!

    1. Jennifer, I can’t stand her. I just don’t want to argue with anybody. watching her show and seeing her and her entire family you can tell than she doesn’t feed them (and herself) with all that butter that she claims she loves to use and uses as crazy. It’s not like watching Rachael Ray or Paula Dean… you know that it is their style of cooking and that it comes straigh from their kitchen (as we can hear these days about Paula’s health problems because of her diet). It’s not like that with Ree. I bet the only time she cooks is when she is on that tv show and when she wants to post a recipe on her blog. I just don’t understand all those people that “want to be just like her”. Do they want to be that fake? Do they want to cook like her. Do they want to take pictures like her, to have blog like hers. Oh well, if they want to cook like her they need to open a first cookbook with traditional American food and start cooking. If they want to take pictures like her they need to spend more than $3000 for the equipment and viola they are set. If they want to have blog like her… they need to hire a few specialist… one for marketing, another one for building the web and managing it.
      And here we are! Ree Drummond II 🙂
      ah… and they need to hire and extra cooks and maids to cook for them, and for the family as well as to clean the house (Ree has two of them) while they’re blogging, taking pictures, creating Photoshop actions and homeschooling… .

    1. you know, if somebody came to my door RIGHT NOW and said I can move to a ranch or a farm with cows, chickens, horses, etc… I wouldn’t wait a minute longer to start packing (only the most important stuff) and I’ll be gone from here in an hour!

  6. I just discovered Ree via her audiobook on my local library website. I’m about half way through her book and so far I love her sense of humor so I decided to look her up (which is how I found your blog). In her book Ree talks a lot about all the cooking she did when she was dating her husband and she sounds like she knows her stuff. I’ve read a little of her blog and viewed some of her photos. So far I like her a lot. As a blogger myself, I know that my style may not appeal to everyone but whatever she’s doing is working well for her and her family so I guess that’s all that matters.

    1. thanks for stopping by and joining the discussion. Maybe I should read her book. What is it called?! I know that she published books with all her recipes that are already on her blog – available for free (this I call a good marketing.lol). She might be cute and sweet looking but as we talked with Jennifer (comments above) Paula Deen is Paula Deen in real life and in front of the camer. Ree pretends to be something else and it starts with her blog name… . Pioneer?! in what?!!

  7. Her book is called The Pioneer Woman, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels . I listen to audiobooks while I’m at work because I don’t have a lot of time to read. But yeah, umm it’s about when she first started dating her husband and chronicles their early years of marriage as well. She seems pretty geniune and candid in her book. Like I said, I’m only about half way through so let me know if you are interested in my review of the full book when I finish it. Thanks for warning me about the free recipes. I’m following you now. Oh, and I love Paula Deen, The Neely’s and Giada too. Giada is actually my fave because her recipes or a lot more healthy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ree on Food Network though. I did read some of her blogs for the first time today and one of the first questions that popped into my head was, “She really does all this? When does she ever sleep?” I have always wanted a ranch until I realized how much hard work it would be with the cows alone. Maybe one day I’ll visit a dude ranch for a tour or something.

    1. I’m interested in the review about the book. I’m looking for a new book ideas to read as I’m almost done with the one I read now.
      I’m not a big fan of Giada and Neely’s… I’m more into Bobby Flay, Anne Burrell and Melissa from “ten dollar dinners”. Ree looks very cute in her show with that husband of hers who appears for a few seconds to taste something and to say a sentence or two. The same with the kids. People like that. There is a few staged outdoors activities when they are all involved into… I’ve seen like 4 or 5 first episodes and after what I saw I decided that it’s not worth to waste my time. I would rather want to see Deb from Smitten Kitchen on Food Network then Ree. She deserves it much more that so called (fake) Pioneer Woman.

  8. I came by your blog by chance and because I enjoy finding and using receipes and was just about to click/or add my email to follow you when I read “Fake Ree,,,” and I was/am disappointed because while you have the right to your opinion as I do mine your seemingly virile attack on Mrs. Dummond surprises me…. I have read her blog from time to time and at no time does she mention the maids and such you say she has…even if that were so surely as a working mum she has to make arrangements when she isn’t at home to make sure her family is cared for and fed. And most ranches employ help on the ranch whether it be one or two or several men/women… but in all in the family seem to do their fair share of work. I am sorry that you feel she is fake and that her receipes aren’t good and can be found online for free,,, the biggest thing I took away from this blogging was the fact that you believe she came from money and has money… which perhaps she does but then again I think she/they earned it. So… I wish you well in all that you seek in life but unfortunately I won’t be following you.

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