New haircut. The same me


Was I expecting something else. I don’t know. Haircut used to be a big thing.

When I decided to get a haircut, it always ment that I feel some changes coming or already happening.

Today I woke up feeling the same, or even worse than the same (changes?!). VERY tired, though. Our Little One has decided that she doesn’t like cow milk anymore, and that’s the only milk at the house. Once, we run out of the regular cow milk, so I gave her almond milk for a few times and she got hooked. So yesterday she went to bed kind of hungry. She ate dinner, and she took a few sips of that cow milk, but that was it.

So last night she woke up because, I suppose, she was hungry. I gave her milk but she wouldn’t drink it. So she went back to bed hungry. This morning she ate half of the bottle and she didn’t want a single drop more. So my husband went to the store to get some almond milk. My idea is to start mixing it half in half, so she slowly gets back to drinking cow milk only.

Will see how it works.

So, I got up so tired that I thought I won’t be able to take any decent shots of my new haircut, but after I took a few sips of coffee, and my daughter was still asleep at 9:30 am (I know, yeay!) I’ve decided to give it a try. I’m very sorry for my puffy bags under my eyes. I am not a big fan of make-up. I know I’ll change my mind after 30, but for now I can live without it. But YES, I am wearing a lipstick on those photos. I don’t know why I did that. Just for fun, I guess, or to take the attention away from my puffy eyes. lol

btw, my haircut after all wasn’t that drastic. I still can tie it up in pony tail 🙂 I kinda like it. I feel like I lost a few extra pounds, as well.

and then, she {snapped}the long roadparenting BY dummies

3 responses to “New haircut. The same me”

  1. LOVE THE HAIR!!!!! B E A U T I F U L


    1. thank you so much, Arline! still getting use to it:)


  2. Looks like a great haircut! Children do still our sleep too often!


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