…btw, I hate pink!

I really don’t like pink. Every time there is photo challenge calling for pink I skip it.  Yesterday I’ve decided to face my ghosts. So here I am… Thinking Pink!

First I didn’t want to use this photo but when I saw my daughter’s face I just couldn’t not to. 😉

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use one of those pictures, as well, but after I did some cloning it looked much better. Despite that I do not like pink, I really like purple! It’s kinda weird, I guess. Purple is close to pink. Right?

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8 responses to “…btw, I hate pink!”

  1. Speaking of not liking pink – – – once upon a time when I was in high school my mother was teaching me to sew. She was quite the task mater making me rip out more cooked seams than she let me keep, so it was a LONG process to make one dress. Finally it was finished – – – bright pink with delicate white lace trim. I was so proud of my hard work. I wore it to school for the first time and the “boy” who had my heart took one look at me and said, “I hate pink.”

    Ruined the dress for me.

    Silly me for letting it – – – but what can I say, I wasn’t a tower of maturity at the time.


  2. I really like your last shot – the clone work in addition to the context makes it so interesting.


  3. lol 🙂 your title really made me laugh. for someone who hates pink you did a great job. and the last photo is adorable. I started trying to blend photos today and got so excited. I just don’t like to photograph myself and no one else in my family let me publish their photos except my mother and our cats! lol 🙂 usually I do street photography, I truly miss people in my photos. sooner or later I’ll get a sollution that will please all. I’m thinking in contacting model agencies and work for free. to be able to practise. hope they accept me. here people are very suspicious when something is free! lol


    1. thanks for the comment! you might be able to take some classes where they provide you models to photograph. sometiems they are group of models that will let you photograph them if you’ll give them all your pictures. sometimes you need to pay a few bucks. that’s how it is in US. I found a few groups like that through website: http://www.meetup.com


  4. So glad you decided to do it- they came out great!


  5. You might hate pink but it looks good on you 😛
    great photos and I love that you encorporated a rose.


  6. love the “time lapse” shot in the last one. very cool.


  7. I hate pink too…not the colour just the photographing of it…oh and I hate pale green too another colour my camera doesnt like! Love the last shot!


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