Selfie Saturday with Elena

Took this photo a few weeks ago, but I thought it’s good for Elena’s this week theme – “Light”.

Picture below was taken a few days ago as well as this one.

(linking up with Life-n-Reflection – Texture Twist)

My last picture was taken today while taking pictures of my new crochet creation – belt for the camera or I should say cover for the belt. I’m loving that cover! It’s so awesome I can’t believe I made that 🙂 Seriously. With not pattern. I am not such a big thinker when it comes to stuff like that. I just do it and at the end I almost always end up with something that doesn’t work, or is too small or too big, etc. This time it works, lucky me but, gosh it was hard to put it on.

All those pictures were taken with very poor light, and with 500 ISO (the last one had 400 iso). That’s why they are so grainy. I kinda like it. I used to be so terribly afraid of big ISO. Today my ISO almost never go below 350 and I’m really happy with my pictures. I feel like I’ve discovered my style, and I feel pretty good about it.

12 responses to “Selfie Saturday with Elena”

  1. I love your style! Your photos are awesome.


    1. Christina, as always, you leave me with such a big smile because of you comment. Thank you so much!


  2. I love those! Especially that first one!


  3. Bravo, Ewa! All beautiful captures of beautiful YOU! I especially like the processing on the second one. Such an old world feel.


    1. thank you, Arline. I like that picture the most, as well 🙂


  4. These are all beautiful – love the light in the first one but I really love your second shot!


  5. I love your aged script texture application! Thanks for linking up your Texture Twist!


  6. Love these! Love the texture in the second one.


  7. What a great perspective!!!! Totally works with black and white- glad you participated again!


  8. Love all of these, the texture one is awesome and the light in the first is wonderful!


  9. love the photo with the texture.


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