Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Today, don’t know why, I am not in the mood of taking pictures BUT I’m in the mood of participating in Scavenger Hunt. So, I have to admit: For today’s Scavenger Hunt I didn’t take any new pictures. All of them are old… but never used on my blog 🙂

1. Window (and our hanging on it guest)

2. Eyelashes

3. Paint

4. Leaf Veins

5. Faceless Portrait

Have a great Sunday, everybody!

8 responses to “Scavenger Hunt Sunday”

  1. Oh how GORGEOUS!!! LOVE the sideways profile! I would love it if you would come over and join in on my new photo swap!! I just started today. 😉 Following you now!!


  2. Crop in the eyelashes photo is very interesting, I like it. Your paint shot is very cool and creative.


  3. I really love that paint shot – urban art is just so cool and something I rarely see never mind ever get to photograph with being in the countryside.


  4. Great shots. Glad you joined us today…


  5. These are great – I especially love how you cropped in close for eyelashes!


  6. Lovely photos! I love the paint one- a different take on it. 🙂


  7. Great photos!! The graffiti shot is my fave, for sure! So cool!!


  8. Yes, the paint is my favourite, but I really love the leaf veins.


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