A few horses and a cow

My last post of talking about (read: posting pictures of) Nola’s Iris Garden. Beautiful place in the most beautiful area! Not only that they have the broadest and biggest display of irises but they have cows and horses (and a few dogs). Just a perfect place for me to live someday with a bunch of different plants instead of irises 😉

Next posts will be about Rose Garden 😉

No, Seriously! 🙂 Beautiful place in the middle of San Jose… but I’ll talk about it some other day.

and while walking around and looking for some interesting and funny names of those irises I have found a ladybug without dots… Crazy. I had never seen a ladybug without dots before. Had to snap a picture!!!

Meet my husband 😉

Taking a break from walking around.

Walking, pointing at everything, picking everything from the ground and of course tasting it! – our daughter had a blast over there!

And I need to say something else at the end. For the last month or so I wasn’t very good in taking pictures for myself. I’d done some shooting for friends but most of the time my camera was in my bag, deep in the closet. Picking it up once again just for fun, just for myself reminded me how I really, really like it. I like my camera! I like taking pictures! I like the way I talk through my camera …

… but I’ve learned something as well. I’ve learned that it’s ok to put it away for a while. Not forget, just give it a quiet time, give myself a quiet time.

It is ok!

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13 responses to “A few horses and a cow”

  1. What a beautiful place!! Love all the blue skies and horses!! Awesome! Glad you allowed yourself some quiet time but even more thrilled that you picked it back up for YOU!! Enjoy your new relationship with your camera :O)


  2. Thanks for sharing these photos, they are beautiful! I cannot believe all those flowers! Picture perfect! 🙂


  3. Your first photo is my favorite. I love the framing with the fence!


  4. Beautiful, quiet times for self are so important! Thank you for linking up with us!


  5. Those iris fields are just gorgeous! It looks like you had a beautiful day! Your photographs are beautiful, too. 🙂


  6. Charming photos! I love farms! The various edits are beautiful too! I’m starting my own challenge this Saturday and would love to see you there!


  7. Your pictures make me long for my own quiet places, places where I can rest, find renewed strength, and learn to be me. Thanks for sharing!


  8. These photos make me need a vacation! Beautiful! You are very talented : )


  9. Yes! I’m learning that, too! It’s ok to put something down and let it rest for a big. Great lesson. And THOSE CHEEKS. So stinkin’ cute!


  10. What a beautiful photos! the picture with brown horse (the second one) is so pretty…
    love your composition..thnks for visit us!


  11. What a beautiful location! Springer Spaniel? Love them!!!


  12. […] and gardens. One of them became a favorite place of mine! – Nola’s Iris Garden. Such a beautiful place!!! June 1st, […]


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