Museum Model

… and it’s exactly what that is! A museum model made by this young lady whose umbrella (and not only ;-)) you can admire @Inspiration Studio. My picture of her was futured in there a few days ago. I didn’t know about that untill yesterday!

What a great surprise!!!

I am flattered – Thank You, Jamie!

Anyway this is my picture for Kim Klassen Texture Tuesdays.


And please, don’t ask me how many layers of this texture I used here… Too many, I guess! I lost track after 3rd 😉

And extra few shots so you can see what this model looked like actually!

Pretty cool!

16 responses to “Museum Model”

  1. A very nice model of a museum! Love the texture on it.


  2. love how the texture softens the paper and blurs the background. Know what you mean about losing count of what you have done, I find noting the steps breaks my creative flow


  3. I kept staring and looking at the model in these photos… how big is it?

    The texture definitely made the first photo very interesting –slightly vintage-y and dreamy. 🙂


  4. This is really cool! I love the light and shadows it creates in the shots.


  5. Wow that is interesting. Beautiful finished product. V


  6. This is really lovely x


  7. This is so creative. I laughed about you losing count of the layers : )


  8. Very creative indeed! Love your use of texture. Definitely well thought out. =)


  9. Wow, it looks really great! I think that we can make more of them and you can take photos;) it looks awesome!;)


  10. Wow… that is really interesting! Love all the textures you used. Beautiful!


  11. love, love, love what you did here!


  12. Lovely! Very nicely done!


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