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Two post in one day!?!?! Oh well… Don’s want to mix too many challenges with no related pictures in one post…

So first I want to link up with Ahsley with my antsy pictures:

This is my straight from the camera shot of an ant. Last Monday I used it to link up wih Jill.

My two edits for Ashley. Couldn’t decide which one is better.

I didn’t edit it the way Ashley is taking about in her post… I do not use Photoshop, or Picassa, or Picnic… from time to time I use Lightroom (it means almost NEVER).

To resize and to sharpen my pictures in GIMP I simply use the “scale picture” and “sharpness” options separately. I don’t know if I can do it all together like some of you can do it in Photoshop.

Looking at both of the edited pictures I think that the best on is the not edited one!!!

… AND…

I’d like to say “THANK YOU” to Rachel for the award she gave me!!! And today I’ll link up with her, too. This time showing off my way of creating a gif file. So:


Resize you pictures (they shouldn’t be big).

800 x 600 or smaller is perfect.


Edit you pictures the way you like. Edit them separately.


Open them in your editing software… Every single picture as a single layer. First picture as a first layer. Second picture as a second layer, third picture as a third layer, and so on… You can use as many pictures as you want. I used 21 to create this one: Remote control


Than go to FILTERS -> Animation -> Playback

You will see your pictures moving as a one short movie… It’s awesome! I think I’ve found a new addition. Creating GIFs. To see the effect click on the picture below.

and then, she {snapped}

Click it Up a Notch


Go to “save as” click on the box where normally you see “all files”. At the picture below you will see “GIF image (*.gif)”, and this is how you should save your work as… The extension has to be:


click “save”.

in GIMP it will ask me if I want to flatten image or save it as an animation. Of course I want to save it as animation. Silly GIMP :-).

The next step is to specify the delay between frames. The higher the number the slower the gif.

click “save”… AND YOU’RE DONE!!!


4 responses to “WOW!!! *.gif”

  1. Your edits look beautiful but I’m especially intrigued by your animation. Yours looks really good so I need to work through your steps. Thanks for sharing that!


  2. Very cool! That ant photo is just awesome… Love how she’s looking out the window.:)


  3. stopping by from Macro Friday! i love the colorful ant edit, those colors are beautiful!


  4. Great photo and edit!


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