A few of my favourite things to photograph

it feels like it’s been ages since I took a diagonal picture – my favourite perspective, and of my favourite thing – reflection. So there they are:

I’ve been kind of distracted by all those photo challenges I’ve discovered lately… and trying to keep up with some of them I kind of stepped away from reflections… and I don’t know why, but from diagonals, too. Maybe because I’ve heard many, many people saying that they don’t like diagonals; diagonals are weird, etc. I love diagonals. For me it’s been very natural way of holding the camera, and taking a picture… I hadn’t thought about that until a few people pointed it out to me. Oh well.

I don’t think this one below is very good, but it will do for now.

This is my favourite little person to photograph. When you see that smile it’s no wonder why she is my favorite 🙂

One more, but this time for one of today’s photo challenges:

I’d heard about textures so many times in the past… and I was looking at people’s pictures thinking, “WOW! I would love to be able to do that someday!” I thought that working with textures is some kind of black magic, wicca, voo doo, or something that I will never have the patience to learn about…,  that it requires special magic software and skills and maybe a 6th sense… And someday it just happend… Just like that… It was really magical, maybe it really has something to do with magic afterall… lol…
I didn’t know that it is so easy!!! I mean I’m not an expert… and I’m far from being able to make a picture to look fantastic with some kind of breathtaking texture… but if you are reading it… and thinking the same about textures that I was before… please stop… it’s amazingly easy… really… 😛 It became one of my favourite ways of editing my pictures. Though I don’t want to become very monotonous with only one way of editing…

and that’s how the picture look without editing:

SOOC Saturday

Maybe because of one of my friends, Arline who’s been taking AMAZING photos of birds, and because of my jealousy about that… I like to take a picture of a bird now and then… I’m not anywhere near where she is with her skills and equipment… but… oh well… we can’t have everything… right 😉

btw, yes… this is picture from today… and yes… you are looking at a humming bird 🙂

Of course flowers are on my list of favourite things to photograph… but who doesn’t like photograph flowers!?!

and some of today’s challenges call for some flowers, too:

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 3



being honest with you I like to take pictures of almost anything… I’ve even been studying self-portraits photography… because that’s the less favorite thing to take pictures of for me! will see how that works 😉


7 responses to “A few of my favourite things to photograph”

  1. that totally rocks!!! I love your shots and textures.. but truly love the reflections and diagonals. I too have been doing too much and missing what I love! Great blog.. Follow yru heart..


  2. Oh my…I know what you mean about textures! I’m in my late 60’s, and I am addicted to textures! Just learned about them in a free e-course on Kim Klassen’s blog. As for photographing that darling child….of course, you want to do that! 30 years ago, I did the same thing with my two sons…but on film. 😉


  3. It’s so exciting to learn how to use textures! It’s like you did a layer mask too, which is hard to accomplish just right. Your a texture twister now! Thanks for linking! Stop back by and vote for your favorite!


  4. Very nice! Nope, I’m still in awe about the textures. But then, with my writing and volunteer work and going to museums, etc. I haven’t had time to play with it yet. You will have to teach me 🙂 She is too sweet. Hugs!


  5. Oh my you’ve been very busy with the photo challenges. Good for you to challenge yourself to learn new things. I love your photo flower best 😉


  6. Gostei muito de suas fotos! São lindas!


  7. Found you through texture twist. I like your diagonal shot. However, I do find myself turning my head when viewing them. 🙂


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