Poor Little One…

That’s how we’d spent most of the last night.

Swinging back and forth.

Mom watching Morning Joe.

Baby trying to get some rest.

Now she is napping.


Mom is going to get more coffee…



5 responses to “Poor Little One…”

  1. All the photos are adorable but I LOVE the look on her face in the first one. Those eyes!!! They make Auntie Arline just melt!!! ♥


    1. in the first one she was feeling kind of happy, so she was very curious about the camer and what was going on around her… but after a few minutes she’d started to feeling wors and more tired and sleepy (as you could see) … poor baby. she is feeling a little better now.


  2. Oh, poor mommy! She is so gorgeous, though! Hope you get your rest!


    1. mommy got her 4 cups of coffee today… so she is feeling ok so far! 😉


  3. adore the look on her face!! visiting from lucky number 31 for coffee! i do tea on tuesdays, stop by and join in sometime!


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