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There is something I want to share with some of you! I mean with all the people reading my blog from time to time.

There is one fantastic and created with a great idea website that I’m contributing in as a photographer.

The simply idea of this site is for photographers to submit theirs photo(s), and for the writers to find an inspiration among displayed pictures and write it down.

Picture once accepted and displayed in the UP EXHIBIT section becomes part of a thought-provoking space for writers. When a writer finds something that feeds his/her brain, their role is to offer thoughtful interpretation, Prose…

I’ll better stop quoting and just send you to the Photograph Prose site for you to read about it on your own.

So far you can see three of my pictures displayed in there, and the interpretation of my last one provoked, this time ME to write this post.

It’s not that I don’t like it. There is freedom in this World to write and photograph and say and think and interpret things… and I said YES to this freedom by saying YES to contributing to Photograph Prose!

It’s amazing what people see in somebody’s pictures… I hadn’t been thinking about it before as often as these days.

The interpretation of my first submitted picture made me think: WHAT?!

Yep! Simply: WHAT?! Really?! After reading it I didn’t know what to say about it for a few days.

I have never been good in interpreting poetry (even if I really like to read it, though), so I was really surprised by the words which appeared underneath my picture.

My second picture was more like a smile on my face. It was just accident that she covered her head with that scarf, and shield and saved her face from the strangers glance. Very beautiful poem, though.

Reading the description of  the picture taken of expecting twins, glowing, happy, loving and being loved mom-to-be was like: WOW!!! That tough…

Today, taking a picture I think a little bit more about what it migh mean to somebody else, to somebody who is going to look at it. It’s crazy how unaware I was of the infinite numbers and kinds of thoughts that comes to somebody’s head just by looking at my pictures.

Thanks Ally for this great idea of yours!!!

5 responses to “Photograph Prose”

  1. WOW! I don’t know what to say about that third one. But, I read it twice…and found it quite sad. That photo to her was a breakup and pregnancy all alone. WOW!
    Very cool idea that site is…not sure I’m brave enough to enter into it but I’m certainly going to give it some thought.


  2. Amelia E. Adler Avatar
    Amelia E. Adler

    I’m a writer myself (sort of), so my perspective is from the other end. I look at the photo and suddenly my thoughts are swirling around, cristillising the thought, the vision of interpretation. I’m always amazed how different and – sometimes – natural the explanations for a photo are. I mean, I often see something completely different than it really was, on the photo. This is incredible.

    Though I have to say, the interpretation of that photo of woman in hijab (well, for me, either, it’s clearly a hijab, not a scarf, but hey, I’m an arabist, so my thoughts go one way ;D) is very alike mine when I first looked at it. Only I write prose, not poetry. (Not anymore, anyway.) And I write in Polish 😉



  3. Wow, you are brave to submit them.

    To each their own, but I didn’t understand how a woman with such gorgeous eyes would turn into a poem about a woman saving her face (therefor beauty, and I assume, also virginity) for one man. Very oppressive. At least, that’s what I took away from it. A woman in a scarf doesn’t make me think of that, it makes me think of the environment around which would have, centuries ago, dictated that people would wear scarves around themselves, to protect themselves from the elements. But then, I always look at peoples entrenched mannerisms as being influenced first by environment, then by Men’s oppressive thoughts, such as religion, nationality, women being property, etc. And maybe also because I am influenced by the fact that here, and in other places in the world, women would wear a scarf around their head to not mess up their hair in the wind, and possibly for warmth. Again, I think environmental influence first.

    The pregnancy one, I can only say, I feel sorry for the woman who saw a pregnancy as being a Thing and an explanation of a breakup bc she wasn’t a nice woman. It sounded like she was being mean, but yet blaming herself for the breakup bc she was mean. That’s so sad. But then, my pregnancies were all such wonderfully positive experiences in relationships. Maybe I’m just lucky.

    The first one, I shared on my facebook for my breastfeeding mommies. It was perfect. I think breastfeeding babies with their mommies is just one of the most beautiful moments someone can see.

    But that’s art. Whether painting, sculpture, picture, the written word, it moves different people different ways.


    1. this picture is from this session with my friend:

      she surely doesn’t look like she is hiding her beauty (or virginity) lol.
      then the picture was taken out of contest from this entire session. We were having fun, I was trying to capture my friend in the best way I could.
      As, I think Amelia said in one of her comments, sometimes it’s amazing how simple and natural idea(s) is(are) hiding behind somebody’s picture. my idea was to expose her beautiful green eyes… that’s why I changed the photo to b&w but I left the color of her eyes untouched… simple. and for sure it does not look like a burka to me.
      It looks more like babushka (such a weird word), a kerchief that we, polish and eastern european woman like to wear from generations… but as you noticed… it’s because my environmental influence… I grew up with my grandmom, my mom, my sister and at the end me wearing it sometimes.

      You know, for many woman getting pregnant with wanted or unwanted, planned or not planned baby is a breaking point in their lifes, and I can understand somebody wanting a change, wanting an escape from the trap that some marriages or relationships are for them…

      I’m very happy you used my picture for your group. I’ve got some more if you want 😉


      1. Ewa,

        Sure, if you have more like that and don’t/. , l, \ mind my reposting them, that would be cool! Or, if you wanted to maybe put some on my blog with link to you, that would be super awesome…

        Yeah, I don’t see it as a burka either, but the poetry for it sounded like that to me. The photo is gorgeous!


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