What’s your comfort food?!

Mine is called BUDYŃ – and it works almost every single time. It does not work when it’s chilled, cold, or whatever different than hot, hot, hot…

I’ve tried a few that are not from Poland, and I hated it… I thought I don’t like pudding anymore until I tried it again. Polish this time… My World stopped turning.

I remember my first attempt to make a pudding. The American one… I didn’t read the directions because I asummed that pudding is a pudding and you HAVE TO boil the milk first… So I did it. I boiled the milk, I added the pudding, and I started stirring… and I was stirring, and stirring, and stirring waiting for it to get thick… and it didn’t. So I took the empty package and I read the damn directions… It said: mix it with a cold milk! WHAT THE HELL!?! COLD BUDYŃ!?! YUCK!!!

My second attempt was a dissaster, too! I used a soy milk… Milk is milk, right! So, NO!

This time I did everything as it suppose to be, and it was delicious!!!

… and by the way… today is a MACRO FRIDAY:

…and LEM photo challege day:

18 responses to “What’s your comfort food?!”

  1. Awww I’m sorry the first couple times didn’t work out. So frustrating. I tend to do that too, then look at the instructions just to find that I’ve messed it up. Glad it all worked out in the end & you were able to enjoy it! My Grandma makes the yummiest pudding with rum!!! Now I’m craving it! Beautiful shots! Happy Friday! xx


    1. It’s just different in US. I’m used to prepare things like we do them in Poland…, and here is almost always something different… 😉


  2. That looks really delicious… My comfort food are chips –kettle-cooked chips.

    Lovely photos!


    1. had to look up for it… didn’t know what’s kettle cooked 😉 I’m not a big chips eater… maybe ruffles oryginal…


  3. My comfort food is anything I don’t have to share and wine.


    1. speaking about sharing:
      a few days ago we bought ice cream… those cookies-like ice cream covered in chocolate… yesterday I had a craving for something sweet… I thought: Oh… we have the ice cream cookies!!! yeay!!
      right!… :-/ everythig was gone… I couldn’t believe that my husband ate everything just in a few days… and he didn’t even think to leave me one!


  4. The cookies ice cream thing sounds like my house. Except I’m not nice and make pig noises & comments under my breath about greedy people who can’t share with their poor, thin wives (Me!!) for the rest of the day around him when he does that. He has learned 🙂

    The budyn I have some packs of, actually, that I should really eat before it expires (just abought a month ago but you never know)… Have to make today! Yummmm… Cold pudding is gross…


    1. at least he doesn’t like my budyń, so I don’t have to be afraid that someday looking for it I won’t be able to find any 😉
      It remindes me that I’ve got to go to the Polish store soon, because I’m almost out of it!


  5. I have never heard of it but I think it looks delish!! Great photos, thanks for linking up!


  6. So after reading this, I went and made ours. Except it was Dr. Oetler (I think that’s how you spell) and it never QUITE thickened as nicely as I always remember it. But it was still fantastic & I took pics, will have to post. Big & little Misses both gobbled it up with organic raspberry jelly mixed in.

    Darn, though, Hubby liked it too so when I went to get the rest, he had eaten it all!

    I think Kiesel tomorrow…


    1. lol !!! My Mister Picky said that it’s blend… he ate it but he didn’t finish… maybe because it was “śmietankowy” (I don’t actually know what kind of flavor that is…lol).
      Next time I’ll try to make chocolate or strawberry with some fresh fruits, maybe he will like those… who knows…
      And I’ve got kisiel, too. Was just thinking about making one 🙂
      If it doesn’t want to get thick enough just don’t use so much milk. I always use less that they call for in the recipe…


  7. Smietankowy is supposed to be cream but I think it’s like a vanilla sort of? That’s what I made. And I thought to myself “too much Milk”, also! No, mine all inhaled it.

    Definitely Kiesel tomorrow and will get my pics up. Mine are not anywhere near as pretty but I plan to make it like a tutorial for non-Polish speakers how to make it since instructions are in Polish…


    1. yep – śmietankowy is something like creamy-like… but what is a creamy flavor !? 😉 \
      I like vanilla, too. I like those two śmietankowy, and waniliowy. Not crazy about the chocolate flavor… my husband may like it, though.
      And kisiel is only a eastern european dessert right? I’ve never seen anything like it in american stores…


  8. You are right, kisiel is def not in American stores, you have to go to a Eastern European or Polish store for it (or maybe amazon.com). Because we can come up with a 1,000 different uses for potatoes and potatoe starch 😉
    I don’t like the chocolate either and I am a chocoholic…


    1. yes!!! that would be great! feel free to link your post with mine.
      I was planing to do the same with your barszcz and kisiel 🙂
      It’s gonna be fun 🙂


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